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Mark West Traditional Painter Sussex Q&A

Listed under Blog, Mark West, TP Team Posted Jun 07 2013

I asked Mark West Traditional Painter Sussex a few questions, to provide some background to how he arrived at this point in his career.

mark west TP SussexWhat part of the UK do you cover for Traditional Painter?


At what age did you first wield a paint brush for money? And for how much?

16, as an apprentice. I worked a 45 hr week when on site and took home the princely sum of £34. Block release at college was 40 hrs plus a 2 hour journey there and back for the same money.

Can you briefly outline your formal training?

C&G Craft 2 distinctions, one credit; C&G advanced craft 2 distinctions, one credit. Ahem. Artex one week starter course!

Who do you consider your “mentor” in your early years, and why? (Name names!)

Steve Russell my tutor, he was only in his early 20’s then, but was a top class decorator.

What brand paint were you predominantly using on woodwork when you started out?


And now, what would you use as your best shot on a front door?

Sikkens Rubbol XD

What was the most unpleasant decorating job you ever did? (Don’t name names!)

Decorating the toilets in a meat factory. Every hour they would swill the whole shopfloor including the toilets with water and disinfectant. I had to wear wellies!

Tell us briefly about a job that you think encapsulates your craft skills?

Anything that requires good attention to detail.

Name one aspect of the decorating trade today that makes you cringe?

The low prices that people put in.

Name one aspect of decorating that is infinitely better than when you first started out.

Tools and funnily enough H&S, but not the H&S that gets people’s backs up.

If a young person said they wanted to be a painter, what would your advice be?

Get some formal training and work for an old school type decorator.

What decorating trend do you hope never makes a comeback?

Woodchip and Artex

Based on your experience, is there a “most popular colour” for hand-painted kitchen cabinets?

Any of the “posh” magnolias, and in the last couple of years, various greys.

Is your own home decorated to the nth degree, or is it a case of cobbler’s shoes?

Cobblers shoes

Outside of work, what are you working on at the moment?

Trying to get the fitness back that I had from 2500 miles cycling last year. After a cold and long winter the bike got neglected and getting back on it has been a bit painful!

This is the work that Mark carries out for Traditional Painter. If you have a project in mind, contact here, he will be happy to help. And talk about cycling and bonfires. More Team TP members are featured here

Mark West hand painted kitchens Brighton and SussexSpecialist painter and decorator, Mark West, is a member of the Traditional Painter UK network. He is the specialist to call for hand painted kitchens in Sussex.

Mark has been working on painted kitchens, furniture and period property for 20 plus years. He has old school values but keeps up with the latest developments in paint technology and best trade practices.


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