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Furniture painter Mac Devereux

Blog, hand-painted furniture, Mac Devereux Batchelor

With over 40 years in the trade, furniture painter Mac Devereux has an extensive portfolio of painted furniture and kitchens and heritage projects. As Traditional Painter member for Leicester, Nottingham and Derby, Mac has seen it all. In this day and age, when you think “garden furniture”, it doesn’t usually conjure up these sorts of Read More

Kitchen painter in Essex

Barrie Thompson, Blog, hand-painted kitchen

This Kitchen painted in Essex by Traditional Painter Barrie Thompson cost 80-90% less than a new installation! His clients were delighted. Solving the quandry about upgrading an older kitchen The clients had an older kitchen, they wanted a change, but didn’t want to go the whole 9 yards and replace it with a new one. Read More

Hand painted fitted wardrobes in SE London

Barrie Thompson, Blog, hand-painted furniture

Barrie Thompson is a member of Traditional Painter and this article covers a project of his, a set of Hand painted fitted wardrobes in SE London. Before he started to transform the fitted wardrobes, they looked like this. These wardrobes were made to measure out of MDF. They fitted well. For painting, there is nothing Read More

Review of a Painters Bookshelves

Blog, faux, marbling-graining, Matthew Evans, Welsh heritage Decor

With Zoom calls all the rage these days, bookshelves in the background have become a focus of attention. So what about a Painters Bookshelves? Traditional Painter for S Wales, Matthew Evans, takes a trip through his book collection. Specialist painter’s book collection I wouldn’t consider myself a book collector by any means, but I enjoy Read More

Restoring an antique German stool in London

Blog, hand-painted furniture, Mark Nash, tikkurila

This case study covers one of Mark Nash’s projects, restoring an antique German stool in London. It was quite the challenge, but well within Mark’s capabilities. It is part of a series on unusual painted furniture, musical instruments and other. Restoring an antique stool, I thought you were a kitchen painter? Traditional Painter Mark Nash Read More

Kitchen painter in Wingfield near Diss

Blog, Fluxaf, hand-painted kitchen, Richard Willott

If you are looking for a kitchen painter in Wingfield, this case study should interest you. Traditional Painter for Suffolk, Richard Willott, explains a project he undertook before Christmas 2019. The short story, this is the oak kitchen once Richard had finished working on it. Before Richard worked his magic, this was the orangey scene Read More

Painted kitchen in Twickenham

Blog, hand-painted kitchen, Mark Nash

This 7-door Painted kitchen in Twickenham was a DIY rescue project for Traditional Painter, Mark Nash. It was a small job. He had a gap in his schedule, and here it is rescued. The clients had been trying to paint their kitchen during the Covid-19 lockdown. It hadn’t gone as well as they hoped. Could Read More

Hand painted kitchen Exning Suffolk

Blog, Fluxaf, hand-painted kitchen, Richard Willott

Traditional Painter, Richard Willott, penned an alternative title to Hand painted kitchen Exning Suffolk. This account will otherwise be known as “Queens and thoroughbreds.” Before the kitchen painting, a brief history of Exning Suffolk. Queens and thoroughbreds is a very apt title. Exning lies just outside Newmarket, the home of racing. Saint Ethelreda, he of Read More

25 decorating tips. They make sense!

Blog, colour advice, Paints-Interiors, TP Team

We are breaking with tradition and offering a compilation of someone else’s 25 decorating tips. Ordinarily the information featured in articles on the website is written by Traditional Painter kitchen painters, based on our personal practical experience. The 25 decorating tips featured in the graphic make a lot of sense. Following the graphic is a Read More

Hand painted kitchen in South Shields

Blog, festool, hand-painted kitchen, Lee Baker

Lee Baker, Traditional Painter for the North East, tackled this large hand painted kitchen in South Shields. The project was interrupted by Covid-19, but with the support of the clients and a well conceived working policy, the results speak for themselves. This beautiful kitchen started life 15 years ago as solid oak, made by Paul Read More
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