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Kitchen painter in Essex

Listed under Barrie Thompson, Blog, hand-painted kitchen Posted Jun 27 2020

This Kitchen painted in Essex by Traditional Painter Barrie Thompson cost 80-90% less than a new installation! His clients were delighted.

Tel: 07989 02 52 12 enquiries@traditionalpainter.com

hand painted kitchen in Essex
This kitchen in Essex is now sporting a showroom quality hand painted finish.

Solving the quandry about upgrading an older kitchen

The clients had an older kitchen, they wanted a change, but didn’t want to go the whole 9 yards and replace it with a new one. I offer a refurbishment solution that works out way cheaper AND more convenient than a new installation!

That’s not just me saying this. Based on previous clients’ feedback, friends and family will be amazed when you reveal that it is NOT a new sprayed kitchen! One of my hand painted refurbishments is a talking point for years.

paint a kitchen in Essex new sink unit with dishwasher £400
£400 for a showroom quality painted “new” sink unit with integrated dishwasher front

Feel the quality

The paintwork is as smooth as it looks. It is a hand painted durable finish, thanks to the preparation and multiple layers of furniture paint. At Traditional Painter we know it is a showroom quality finish because we have painted kitchens for the most prestigious companies. The paintwork on this kitchen was lavished with the same treatment as any £100k luxury kitchen.

Enjoy timeless quality

Have you inherited a lovely kitchen, or already paid a designer for a dream kitchen that is a pleasure to work in? Reap the benefits for many more years and paint it when it starts to date. The kitchen has been built to last!

You know how you can get in any modern car nowadays and be confident it is going to start first time. They have cracked the technology across the industry, across all price points. Same with kitchen cabinets. The quality of construction is so good across the board, that once fitted, you can generally forget about wear and tear. (Water damage around sinks is about the only weak spot.)

I say “across the board”, as there are only a handful of manufacturers of “shells”, all using computer aided multi-million pound machinery. In other words, the majority of companies buy the basic kitchen units from the same suppliers and put on their own doors.

finished hand painted kitchen

Cost differences? What cost differences?

You can pay from £10,000 to £100,000 and more for a new kitchen. Overall cost differences are in the layout, the quality of doors, appliances, worktops. On top of that, prices differ based on the company’s ability to sell and install a kitchen, the guarantees they offer, how they value their brand, and so on.

There are many companies offering kitchen painting services, at all different price points. However, as a Traditional Painter there are no cost differences in service. I offer the best technical paint job I know of, using the best materials, applied with the same attention to detail across the board – for £100 a door.

Traditional Painter invented the £100 a door formula back in 2010 and we have stuck to it ever since. For budgeting purposes:

  • If you have 20 doors in you kitchen, I charge £2000 to prepare and paint it to a showroom quality finish using specialist furniture enamels proven to last.
  • If you have 50 doors, it will be £5000.

Pricing consistency

When preparing a quote, there is no element of “car on the drive” or “nice neighbourhood tax”. My colleague, Lee baker, in Newcastle explains it well. Messing around with prices never made sense in 2010 and makes even less sense now. The same with offering different quality jobs. People want to know what they are getting, and what it will cost. It shouldn’t be a gamble or an a la carte experience with all the responsibility on you to come up with the best combination of paint and time. That is my job.

My aim is to be consistent. I offer one basic process at one price, with samples you can touch. This cuts through all the debating and umming and aahing about what I am offering. After 10 years of consistent service and pricing, and documenting all our work processes on the website, what you see is what you get.

Obviously, the cost of my offering doesn’t always fit with my clients’ expectations and budget, that is fine. There are plenty of other kitchen painters out there who will meet a price point. However, I choose not to take that approach. I want to stand by my work long after the price has been forgotten.

What next?

If you are in Essex with a kitchen to upgrade with a hand painted finish, please contact me.

Tel: 07989 02 52 12 enquiries@traditionalpainter.com

I will do my best to explain how I can improve your kitchen and give you an accurate price that I will stick to. I am not the only kitchen painter in Essex, but rest assured I will do right by you. As a Traditional Painter I am covered by the Dispute Resolution Ombudsman service in case of a complaint I cannot solve. And needless to say I take the Covid-19 health issues seriously.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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