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Hand Painted Kitchen Restoration To A New Installation In Newcastle By Traditional Painter Lee

Listed under Blog, hand-painted kitchen, Lee Baker Posted Oct 28 2023


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New Hand Made Kitchen Rescued By Lee Traditional Painter North East

This recent project was quite an unusual one. I was called in to take over the finishing work in a new  Kitchen installation after the Cabinet Maker’s  hand painting efforts had fallen short of the homeowner’painting expectations. The journey to bring this project to a satisfying conclusion was filled with its share of challenges and surprises. 

I started by thoroughly cleaning and sanding down the kitchen, which had an orange-peel-like finish with numerous runs and imperfections, indicating a lack of proper preparation. As I began cleaning the 20+ doors, I unearthed a host of issues that were previously concealed. The shaker doors’ interiors had been caulked or filled, an uncommon practice for brand-new doors.

This had to be rectified to reveal the sharp, crisp details of the shaker design.

My inspection also revealed unexpected issues such as holes, splits, splinters, rough edges, glue,  and misplaced pins that needed to be addressed before applying the topcoat, as they would show through.

I followed up by repairing the doors using the appropriate products, priming, and applying an undercoat.

The homeowners brief was to preserve the original grain as much as possible, but even this posed challenges. I discovered that half of the doors were actually made of MDF, despite the customer having paid for solid Ash. The thin veneer on the MDF necessitated extremely delicate preparation to avoid losing the grain. It was an unusual situation, but in some cases, I even had to use paint stripper to remove the paint without excessive sanding.

There were additional issues with the kitchens end panels, which were poorly fitted and required resetting. Drawing on my background as a Cabinet Maker, I had the tools on hand to address these problems on-site. Furthermore, every drawer was misaligned, with some even colliding when opened. This required significant adjustment to ensure everything worked seamlessly.

After the initial stages of priming and undercoating , I continued with the sanding between coats before applying the topcoat in Farrow & Ball railings. This dark blue-black colour is both stunning and practical. We used a brush and roller to achieve a 20% sheen finish, which is ideal for kitchens as it minimizes the retention of grease and fingerprints. By applying an additional 2-3 coats with sensitivity, I managed to maintain the grain wherever possible and provide the customer with the desired result.

Overall, this project proved to be a significant challenge, not only because of the technical aspects but also due to the homeowners emotional investment in their expensive , dream kitchen. It can be disheartening to spend a substantial sum on a kitchen and then feel disappointed by its initial finish. Furthermore , its never easy to bring in someone else to finish a job.

However , after reassembling and re-fitting everything , including some doors that required adjustments , the homeowners perspective changed dramatically. They now love their kitchen , a stark contrast to their previous disappointment. The entire project took approximately 5 months, and its safe to say that they may not come highly recommended.
In the end ,it was satisfying to be part of turning a challenging situation into a positive outcome.

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