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Hand painted kitchen Buckinghamshire – Chalfont St Giles

Listed under Blog, hand-painted kitchen, Paul Barber Posted Sep 21 2012

This past week, Traditional Painter Paul Barber has hand-painted a 14-year old lacquered oak kitchen in the Buckinghamshire village of Chalfont St Giles. He used Tikkurila primer and Feelings semi matt paint.

Post updated December 2022

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Tel: 07989 025212

Day one

Structurally, the kitchen is in very good condition still. It was well fitted all those years ago, but aesthetically, the kitchen looks a little tired and dated.

To remedy this and save the owner many thousands on a new kitchen, Paul  has specified a Tikkurila paint system

As ever, it is all about the preparation, attention to detail and a superb application technique, all of which Paul has mastered, especially with Tikkurila paints.

Day 3 of the kitchen in Chalfont St Giles

This is day 3 with everything prepped, primed and some undercoating underway.

primed kitchen buckinghamshire

And the finished feature kitchen on Day 5.

painted kitchen tikkurila

The Feelings Furniture paint is available from Holmans in Swindon. The speciality Finnish paint is a water-borne system with all the advantages of quick drying, low odour and easy clean up. It can be accurately mixed to any colour.

Using Tikkurila paint

When Paul  was painting the kitchen cabinets, there was a group of painters at the house dealing with the general decorating. They were suitably impressed by the standard of his work, and are going to be buying some Tikkurila paint, but as Mark tweeted

Buying the paint won’t do it, it will help, but it’s the application that counts.

At Traditional Painter we are happy to share our secrets, and here shows how to achieve the optimum “Tikkurila look”

If you are looking for inspiration, here are a few more examples of kitchens painted by Paul , as well as others completed by the Traditional Painters I am happy to recommend around the UK.Gallery Completed Kitchen Refurbishmen

Contact Paul Barber for Buckinghamshire Tel: 07989 025212  Email: enquiries@paulcbarber.co.uk

Contact Paul C Barber

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4 comments to “Hand painted kitchen Buckinghamshire – Chalfont St Giles”

  1. Bobby

    What an excellent job!

  2. Gary Denham

    That’s a professional job right there! Great work. And I agree; it’s the painter, not the paint

  3. barry-l

    Hi. Thanks. An excellent article. I’m looking for someone with 1st hand experience ot Tikk. Joker Eco for whole house interior walks in white. Client wants flat Matt that will take a wipe down infrequently without shoeing the tell tale smears. Does this fit this bill or do you have another please ? Thanks in advance. I am a trade deccky. Barry

  4. Avatar photo Andy Crichton

    Given your client is does not intent to wash down the walls frequently then ECO Joker would be a very good choice. It is a modified acrylic, it is very durable and can be easily wiped if marked without leaving streaks or eroding the paint.

    It’s durability is well tested as we have local authorities regularly specifying it for canteens and schools, also high end commercial properties and several Grade 1 listed country homes that are open to the public.

    If they wanted something that would be washed down more regularly, we have Feelings Extra Durable, (used for vets practices , surgeries, kitchens, bathrooms, areas of higher humidity and where cleaning agents will be used.)

    I hope this is helpful.


    Paul (Holmans Specialist Paints)

    PS Feelings Interior is also matt and washable (also very good for dark colours where other wall paints rub off)

    Also these products are not pure acrylic. They are co polymers with other compounds, which does set them apart.

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