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Hand painted fitted wardrobes in SE London

Listed under Barrie Thompson, Blog, hand-painted furniture Posted Jun 25 2020

Barrie Thompson is a member of Traditional Painter and this article covers a project of his, a set of Hand painted fitted wardrobes in SE London.

Tel: 07989 02 52 12 enquiries@traditionalpainter.com

Before he started to transform the fitted wardrobes, they looked like this.

painted fitted wardrobes SE London

These wardrobes were made to measure out of MDF. They fitted well. For painting, there is nothing to beat the surface of MDF.

Hand painted MDF furniture in London
Vacuum everything clean; remove any imperfections; prime, undercoat, fill joints as required; and 2 topcoats, sanding lightly between coats. Refit handles. Tidy up. It doesn’t sound much work when you say it quickly. These wardrobes are now good for many many years. And when the classic grey falls out of fashion, they are easily repainted in a different colour. That is a good investment compared to mass produced items.

Make sure the new furniture is ready to paint

When I turned up, I made sure the new furniture was ready to paint. Everything fit. Doors opened and closed without catching the frames. The handles were in place. All ready to paint. Check.

I emphasise All ready to paint because you would be surprised how many times I have been asked to paint furniture, or a kitchen, before the fitter has properly finished them. The following requests from clients are no exaggeration:

  • Can you pop back to paint the missing door when it arrives?
  • Can you work around the dodgy joints, the carpenter can’t get back for a while?
  • Sorry about the nail gun damage.
  • Do you mind hoovering up the sawdust the joiner left in the cupboard?
  • Can you paint it for Christmas? (A classic December question!)

Pointing out examples of unfinished joinery work may sound like a moan on my part, but it isn’t really. When you think about it, the client will have paid the full price for what amounts to an unfinished installation.

Can you paint this chest of drawers to match the wardrobes?

You cannot beat a coordinated suite of painted bedroom furniture. As I mentioned above, painted furniture can be updated very easily. You can also add an “oddball” piece of furniture to the mix and make it fit, simply by matching the colour to the rest of the furniture.

chest of drawers painted by Barrie Thompson Traditional Painter SE London
Compared to buying a new suite, hand painting existing furniture makes good economic sense.

Furniture painter in SE London

I have been in the trade for 40 years and whichever way you spin it, professional craftsmanship works out best value. It is easy to paint all this in a day, but I would be missing out all the steps that ensure durability. I could paint just the front faces, or not fill anything, or leave joints wide open and blame it on the construction. This would work out much cheaper. But I don’t go that route.

To me painting is a vocation, I am still as motivated to do things right today as I was when I first got the painting bug.

At Traditional Painter we have painted most furniture, and more, from antique German stools to pianos. There is no charge for advice and between us we can come up with a durable solution at great value.

Thanks for reading about Hand painted fitted wardrobes in SE London. If you are on E side of London or Essex, I can help you with your next furniture painting project, or hand painted kitchen. Please contact me and I will get back to you promptly.

Tel: 07989 02 52 12 enquiries@traditionalpainter.com

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