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Chalon kitchen in Northampton

Listed under Blog, hand-painted kitchen, Paul Barber Posted Jul 04 2019

Paul Barber, our longstanding Traditional Painter member for Northants, Herts, Beds and Bucks was called by a client who had inherited a Chalon kitchen. Paul delivered a showroom quality finish as usual, but not without a great deal of hard extra work caused by the previous painter years ago.

Chalon kitchen

Chalon are a long established kitchen company at the upper end of the price range for custom made kitchens. They have a signature paint finish, and ordinarily the sensible option is to leave it to Chalon to maintain the paintwork on their kitchens. At some point though, several years ago, a less than competent painter talked their way into refurbishing this Chalon kitchen and turned what was probably a work of art into a train wreck.

The idea that the camera never lies is open to debate. This paintwork was hanging on by a thread, and rough didn’t even start to describe the workmanship.

As Paul told me after a couple of weeks’ putting the work right

this was probably the worst kitchen hand paint I have ever come across, which is saying something after nearly 40 years painting kitchens.

This is the level of preparation the two Pauls had to resort to to make the surface right for repainting.

And once prepared, on with the priming, base coating and top coat painting.

After two weeks’ hard graft, the client had nothing but praise for the workmanship of Paul and son, Paul. As a former owner of a national shopfitting company, he knew a good job when he saw it.

You get what you pay for

It has to be said that if Paul had been given the job to repaint the Chalon kitchen years ago, instead of the other guy, he would have saved the homeowner a lot of money this time round! Anyway, it is all looking beautiful and robust now. In the future, younger Paul will be able to prepare and repaint this kitchen in half the time of this last marathon.

Buyer beware

Throughout the website we demonstrate to homeowners, keen DIY and trade how we think wooden kitchens should be prepared and painted to a showroom finish. The advice is based on the combined experience of dedicated specialists like Paul who have been applying their craft and pushing the envelope for many years. We don’t disguise how painstaking and thorough the process is, and share whatever trade information readers want to know. We actively encourage anybody to put their decorating mettle to the test. If all goes well with a fair wind on a good day, we know that inexperienced painters and keen home decorators can achieve very good results.

But what happens when things go wrong, or not to plan? What if the person charged with painting your kitchen is guessing what to do next, or isn’t sure what paint system to specify. What of they follow an unproven hunch, not a time proven technique?

That is when you really wish you’d contracted the proven consummate professional to work on your kitchen.

Peace of mind is priceless

There is a lot more to painting kitchens than applying a smooth coat of paint. When you employ a Traditional Painter, they will provide you with really high quality customer service, the workmanship will be great, and they will stand by their work. They also offer you the added backup of independent, legally binding Ombudsman protection, in the unlikely event that there is a problem they cannot solve. I don’t know of any kitchen painters offering this legally binding Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) option to their clients. Yet another added value item in Traditional Painter’s £100 a door pricing.

The claim of showroom quality finishes from Traditional Painter members is not exaggerated either. Check out Paul’s work in the showroom of A Bell & Co Ltd of Kingsthorpe, Northants.

Contact Paul direct here. If Paul is not in your area, check out the Find a Painter map on any page and locate your recommended Traditional Painter specialist near you.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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