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Big white wooden Christchurch hand painted kitchen in Surrey

Listed under Blog, hand-painted kitchen, Mark West Posted Nov 27 2020

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This recent project for Mark West is a big, white, wooden Christchurch hand painted kitchen in Surrey. Ordinarily it is a 3 week job, but it took Mark more than a month to complete. 

Big white wooden Christchurch hand painted kitchen in Surrey

Painting Christchurch kitchens right

The painting industry is full of businesses who are willing to cut corners for whatever reason: make extra profit, avoid working too hard, avoid spending out on best kit, meeting a price point not a quality point. But at Traditional Painter, the founding principle was to do the very best work we know how. And we do know how! We charge for the time it takes to do a job right, no corners cut, best paint, best practices. 

It limits the number of people who are interested in employing our services. It increases the number of quotes that are rejected on price. Just to be clear though, £100 a door is our mantra. We are not the sort of people who ask you to leave an open tab, and a kitchen costs whatever it costs! Fixed price, based on £100 a door, any part of the country, end of.

Our approach also ensures that we work primarily for those clients who understand and are willing to pay for specialists who will go the extra mile and never leave a job before it has been completed to showroom quality. 

Christchurch kitchens place in the market

When we are asked to paint a Christchurch kitchen, we know it is at the lower end of bespoke kitchen quality. The hinges aren’t great, the MDF panelling could be better, doors fit a bit tight, but it is what it is at their super competitive price points. In other words we know that to make it the best it can be, we need to take more time compared to a high end kitchen. But we know how to make a Christchurch kitchen sing!

Showroom quality hand painted Christchurch kitchen

At Traditional Painter we know how to achieve showroom quality finishes on a Christchurch kitchen. The first Christchurch kitchen in TP history was painted in 2011.

Christchurch kitchen Tarporley
2011 Christchurch kitchen in Tarporley

Traditional Painter has since painted and maintained the Christchurch kitchen showroom in Esher for several years, and painted literally over 100 of their kitchens since.

Mark West has hand painted many Christchurch Kitchens in Sussex and Surrey for private clients. This is just one example.

And our Traditional Painter members have run up a long list of completed projects, working direct for happy clients. 

Showroom or workshop?

Kitchen painters should be the very last trade to appear in a kitchen that has to be painted. Mark started this job on the assumption it had been fitted to completion. That wasn’t the case, but he worked around the inconveniences, to keep the job moving forward.

As Mark has shown, making a Christchurch kitchen look a million dollars is no problem. He works through his tried and tested painting system regardless of distractions. He knows the quality of the paint finish will be judged long after the end of the debate over the fracas with fitters, or how long it took to paint.

How much?

We are very particular about clarifying quotes before work ever commences. Nobody likes surprises with the bill, not clients, not painters. In this case, the kitchen kept getting bigger. When it was pointed out, the clients were very gracious and made sure Mark was compensated for his extra time.

The end result is a masterclass in hand painted white kitchens. 

White hand painted Christchurch kitchen cabinets

Tikkurila is the benchmark for durable kitchen quality paint, but white is not the easiest colour to apply. Mad isn’t it! It is a loophole in Tikkurila’s massive colour database. Their colour matching is perfect across tens of thousands of colours, except white! We addressed that in a blog about New White. 

Christchurch kitchen painted by Mark West, Traditional Painter Surrey and Sussex

I hope you like the amazing finish that Mark achieved. He has a habit of pulling rabbits out the bag with his unique blend of painting skills and professional, unflappable attitude.

This is what his clients said:

Thank you very much for your great work,dedication, stamina and reliability. It’s been a pleasure to work with you and I’m going to recommend you to handmade kitchens and let them know that your pricing is more than justified if somebody wants to have a hand painted finish with high expectations..
Looking forward to meeting you again.

If you are in the market for a Christchurch kitchen, and you are in the Sussex or Surrey area, contact Traditional Painter We cover the rest of the country too.

For general enquiries Tel: Paul 01604 767506 Mobile: 0798 902 5212


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