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WordPress for Android

Listed under Blog, Marketing Posted Jan 23 2012

I Googled, “WordPress for Android” to see if the specialist painters listed on the Traditional Painter website could use their Android phones to upload images to the gallery on their profile pages. All I can see on page 1 of the search results is a bunch of unoriginal rehashed press releases from experts who don’t even seem to have turned on WordPress from a phone, let alone tried and tested it out.

If you need a job doing, I guess…

Download WordPress for Android

Turn on phone, find Android Market icon, search for WordPress and download it. That was easy.

Configuring WP for Android

The download seems to have prompted a general phone updating procedure, no clue why, but it knows best, it’s a smart phone, I’m a dumb user.

(I left the phone to do its thing for a couple of minutes.)

Phone stopped thinking. Click on the WordPress icon on the Apps screen. Do you accept the WP license conditions? I do.

Once in, choose one of 3 configuration options. I choose Add self-hosted WordPress blog

It would have taken a few seconds to be up and running, but MY FAULT MY FAULT, half an hour later, I still can’t get in! A more determined person could still be trying to log in for the first time. Luckily I just plain lose the will to live, and put the phone down in a safe place and make a cup of tea.

When I check out a hunch, there it is, on my laptop, the reason why I can’t configure WordPress for Android. I see the following email message alert!

3 failed login attempts (1 lockout(s)) from IP: xx.yy.xzz.yz

Last user attempted: YOU

IP was blocked for 120 minutes

At least the security lock-out plugin worked, but a shame the lock-out message didn’t appear on the WordPress for Android screen half an hour ago.

(Basically I am a klutz. I don’t get on with phone size touch screens, and sure enough, all the mishit (that is, mis-hit) keystrokes resulted in the lock-out.)

Using Wordress on Android

Not much to say really. Once logged in, you see the Android WP Dashboard.

This is the image that seems to appear on every search result about WP for Android, so I don’t see any harm copying it!

An original photo of the WP Dashboard on an HTC Android phone.

The middle bottom icon takes you to a conventional WordPress dashboard, from where you can administer your multi-million page website from the beach! With one issue – adding images to a gallery – the only reason I even looked at this App!

Uploading images to a gallery using WordPress for Android

I wouldn’t bother with this faff again! Just wait till you get home, folks, and upload straight from your PC!

I worked out that you can select a photo on your phone, then Share it via the option – WordPress. This creates a WP post and the image is then uploaded to the media library. But from there, what to do with that image to get it added to a Gallery? No clue. Is there a setting hiding somewhere, please?

You can summon this normal upload box from a post edit screen, but it doesn’t seem to matter how hard you click, it won’t let you select any files from the media library.

More bizarrely, it doesn’t seem to have any way of directly browsing the photos stored on the phone. Smart phone, dumb app or dumber user?


I would say that you can use the Android’s WordPress dashboard exactly as though you were on a PC. The power at your fingertips is very cool, actually, but the downside is the screen size – it is really tight and requires overly precise clicking for my liking. Zooming and scrolling is so time consuming.

The only way you seem to be able to use images is by creating a post around a “shared” image on your phone, or embedding an image in a post via linking to a URL. But galleries / mobile / images, I can’t see how to get an image into a gallery.

So, I won’t be banging on specialist kitchen painters‘ doors saying I have found a way for them to update their profile galleries at work!

If anyone has WordPress for iPhone and can add images to a gallery, be my guest and tell us all about it.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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