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Why blog about painting and decorating

Listed under Blog, Marketing Posted Jan 20 2011

I blog for a few reasons, but in a nutshell:

– Hopefully this blog gives folks a pointer to what a good painting job looks like.

– I try to demonstrate the thought and work that goes into producing a high quality finish

– I try to show off the tools and equipment that make it possible to turn out top quality work with monotonous regularity.

Or in rambling terms:

1 – I am a decorating geek, and I like to share what I learn about new products and techniques and tricks.
There are so many ways to approach decorating jobs, and although I genuinely think that the old ways are often the best, there is always room for new products or methods to be adopted and integrated into decorating.

2 – I like to show prospective clients that I know what I am doing.
Some tradesmen think it is daft to reveal all your trade secrets, but I believe that a) people respond better to openness and b) who said I reveal all my secrets! It is like explaining how to walk, there is so much to tell, and I am only a fraction of the way through explaining what is going on when I work.

3 – I like to help promote good decorating professionals and forward thinking companies
The bottom line, I am actually quite cynical about the decorating trade. The old days of pure time is no object craftsmanship are rapidly slipping away, and the whole system of apprenticeships and training run by the quango CITB has accelerated the decline in standards. Also, so many manufacturers are producing stuff that does nothing but improve their own bottom line while perpetuating what I see as the downward spiral in quality.

Obviously there are exceptions, and I would like them to do well. This blog is my little platform for those good guys.

4 – I would like to offer a resource that opens homeowners’ eyes to what your own professional decorator should be doing when working on your home!
I always think in terms of achieving quality first. Speed, efficiency and price are important, but if something cheaper diminishes the quality, I am not interested. So throughout the site you will see me banging on about filling, sanding, masking up, double undercoating, vacuuming – and oil based paint…

If you get quoted a bargain basement price and your painter isn’t filling, sanding, masking up, double undercoating, vacuuming, after reading my blog, you will at least know why the price was low. And if you pay a top price and you aren’t seeing your painter filling, sanding, masking up, double undercoating, vacuuming – you can ask what you are paying for!

Decorating bloggers who push the envelope much better than me

The great thing about the internet is meeting people with more knowledge than yourself. Here are two gentlemen whose minds I could pick all day.

Consultant Patrick Baty, the leading traditional paint analyst and colour expert working in UK today.

Jack Pauhl specializes in product and systems integration, maximizing profitability by efficiency through benchmarking. “The least I do is paint, it just happens to be part of the equation, I create, execute, and deliver solutions.”

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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  3. essexdecorator

    @acmasterpainter I’m really impressed by all your blogs it’s what I’m working towards 4 our business I have a 6 month plan to get there

  4. acmasterpainter

    @essexdecorator thanks for that. 6 months is a realistic time scale. it takes a while to get the format right, then away you go. Good luck

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    @acmasterpainter right b4 I start pushing it but hope u don’t mind I look at yours 4 inspiration

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    @acmasterpainter well done you! I’ve read your words & agree there are still no shortcuts to good quality results!

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    @StanleyBagshaw cheers for that, good to meet a good pro. how are you keeping?

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    @acmasterpainter goodstart to the year thankfully,need extra hands to cope with the estimating/BOQ’s tho! Know of a P/t QS in Leicester?

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