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The White Kitchen Company and specialist hand painters Blog:3 WKC

Listed under Blog, hand-painted furniture, hand-painted kitchen, The White Kitchen Company Posted Oct 19 2022

The White Kitchen Company www.thewhitekitchencompany.com

Hi, I’m Paul Barber. Since 2011, Traditional Painter’s 20 specialist painters have worked on literally thousands of hand painted kitchens. Our client list comprises private homeowners and kitchen companies all around the UK. Over the years we have found that the White Kitchen Company and specialist hand painters at Traditional Painter share a lot in common. Find hand painted kitchen specialists in the UK

Now we are delighted to announce that we are offering our speciality repainting service, to update the many White Kitchen Company oak kitchens and previously painted kitchens to be found around the UK.

White Kitchen Company hand painted by Traditional Painter
We have had the pleasure of hand painting several new White Kitchen Company kitchens in recent years. This is Racing Car Green

The White Kitchen Company and specialist hand painters with a lot in common

If you look into how the White Kitchen Company and Traditional Painter work, we seem to share a lot of common attributes in the hand painted kitchen world. Starting from the top!

Period English and Shaker Kitchen furniture is designed by cabinet makers and handmade to order by traditional craftsmen. DIY Kitchen Cabinets also available from the white kitchen company online shop diy-kitchen-cabinets

A designer kitchen at a fraction of the cost, Factory primed/undercoated ready for applying a hand painted finish by a specialist kitchen painter like Traditional Painter.

I think we are on firm common ground there, if you swap out cabinet maker for hand painted.

  • The White Kitchen Company offer kitchens (and bootilities) of all sizes and budgets. Tick. The White Kitchen Company clients are all looking for something special, personal but functional. Ditto Traditional Painter clients.
white kitchen company and specialist hand painting
One of many options for a boot room
  • The White Kitchen Company service is appealing across a broad demographic, from busy executives to retired professionals, rich and famous supermodels to overseas clients. Tick.
Brampton Shaker Kitchen
  • The White Kitchen Company and Traditional Painter are both based in Northampton, the communication hub of the UK. Both offer a nationwide service.

Kitchen paint colours in common

The White Kitchen Company offer traditional colours from the likes of Farrow and Ball, as do we. Do you remember the days when you could only buy a certain colour name from the paint brand that owned that name? Painted Kitchen Colour trends for 2022 from The White Kitchen Company

One of the most disappointing decorating jobs I ever did was for a lady who insisted on “cappuccino“. Yes, her choice was as simple as the name of her first delicious drink of the day. But as a painter it was horrible, only available in a truly poor paint!

However, that restriction was blown away by companies like Holman Paints in Swindon, who pioneered the idea of “the colour the client wants in the paint the painter wants“. As long as you don’t use the trademark protected name on another manufacturer’s tin of paint, it is fine.

Even if there was a legal grey area, I don’t think paint companies have suffered, probably quite the opposite. And I know kitchen hand painters and sprayers have been liberated, able to select the very best products for each particular job.

Kitchen company and specialist hand painters into tech innovation

Finally, let’s be frank, who doesn’t love a gadget. Have you seen the innovative hi-tech audio system that the WKC are now offering? It works through the lights!

At Traditional Painter, we know a bit about innovation too. Read all about Festool’s hi tech LED duo work lights, or heated paint kettles. Mark Roberts, Traditional Painter in the Chester area has put them through their paces.

innovative lighting for specialist kitchen painters

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce our invitation-only network of specialist kitchen painters. All being well, we will be coming to a house near you to hand paint a kitchen from the White Kitchen Company. www.traditionalpainter.com

Thanks for reading about The White Kitchen Company and specialist hand painters. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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