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Recommended by Traditional Painter

Listed under Blog, brushes, mypaintbrush.co.uk Posted Jan 01 2013

The sole aim of the site is to raise standards in decorating. So we spill the beans on how to paint and decorate to the highest standards; we recommend the materials that work brilliantly for us, and I spread the word about 17 of the best specialist kitchen and furniture painters / period property decorators in the UK.

It has been a positive 2012, and 2013 is shaping up quite well. It is an exciting time, actually, as reader numbers continues to grow, we ended the last few months with 40,000+ page views a month with about 5000 regularly returning readers. Our fledgling forum has seen some action too. The Trade Corner is picking up and comments and questions are coming in faster than ever. So it seems like we are being of some use.

Also enquiries are coming in thick and fast for specialist kitchen painting around the UK, plus we are extending the coverage of our hand painted kitchen services to Russia, Europe and China. Really. Look out for a few upcoming case studies that will make your jaw drop.

Materials recommended by Traditional Painter are getting easier to find

We have 17 top decorators around the UK using kit and paint. They only recommend the best stuff, and do not rave about the less than stellar offerings on the market. In general the decorating products we recommend on Traditional painter are not always readily available from mainstream stockists. But availability is improving all the time. For instance:

Where to find Mythic paint and Proform Picassos?

Here is an email I received in May, referring to availability of two brands that get used a lot by various Traditional Painters. (I should point out that a lot has since changed – for the better – with UK distribution of these great brands. )

Hi Andy

Many thanks for your response and advice. I must say I haven’t used Mythic as yet, wish we had a supplier in west sussex!!

I have recently purchased some Proform Picasso brushes (as recommended by you!) from the states and I’m blown away by how good they are. I’m usually a Purdy man but may have to put those to the back of my kit!!

… Many thanks again


Fortunately, no need to head Stateside for Picassos any more. All Picasso paint brushes, every single one of the range, are available easily from My Paint Brush.

You can order every single product in the Mythic paint range from Brewers.

If you ask me about sourcing good kit, in the majority of cases, I will direct you to the manufacturer / suppliers’ own online store, or suggest you contact the supplier direct for the name of a local (independent) stockist, or suggest a judicious tweet, asking for assistance from the supplier.

And increasingly, I can suggest you check out recommended suppliers’ dedicated pages on our Trade Corner, for a one-stop summary of all contact details and inside information on their range, availability…

Can we have access to everything in your range, please!

When we recommend a product, invariably, the manufacturer has a further selection of products that we aren’t necessarily aware of. So, we really appreciate the exposure to novel kit and new techniques. And once smitten, it is good to have access to EVERY product in a company’s range. Not too much to ask, you might think, but if you only went by what is available in conventional decorator merchants, you wouldn’t know the half of what is out there. It is all very selective and limiting at times.

Nothing worse than spending time working out a full and detailed specification, referring to products that are in the market and supposedly available, to end up compromising, because your local merchant cannot provide you with what you need… or you get charged a premium for something deemed a “non-standard item” … and you have to go away, wait for it to be delivered to the store, then go back to the store again to pick it up… It happens all the time, and is not good.

Happy New year TDS

Everyone thinks that dedicated online stores are the only way ahead, but it is not impossible for a conventional decorators merchant to achieve the nirvana of a full range of well priced specialist products, plus good service and highly informed staff. Trouble is, only TDS seemed to manage it consistently, and they have since been corporately removed from the marketplace. However, their philosophy for excellence and supplying what decorators want, promptly, lives on, and much of what they brought into the decorating domain from overseas is still in demand and being used and finding a home around UK merchants.

So, Happy New Year to those at the old TDS who set the bar at the right height for once, and kept it high! And no joy to all those who keep lowering the bar, or want to maintain the status quo.

Happy New year to Traditional Painter readers

And again, all the best for 2013 to everyone who visits the site and reads and comments and gives us feedback.

If there is any aspect of the site we can improve on, let me know. Someone said that Traditional Painter wasn’t singy-dancy enough. A new theme based on Lings Cars is coming soon. Click and wait for some catchy music.

screenshot of lings cars site

Fun 2013 competition coming

For a bit of fun, I have been running a small competition for subscribers to our emailed articles. Once we hit 300 subsribers I will be sending a very nice Picasso brush to a random winner.

Once that landmark is reached, I will be announcing another competition, something a bit special that will definitely make you look at your kitchen in a different light this year. (I was talking to a TP colleague earlier and if it comes to fruition, you can thank one of his clients.)

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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3 comments to “Recommended by Traditional Painter”

  1. Charles Budd

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all at TP and regular and occasional readers. Thanks for continuing to spread the word about using better materials and techniques.

  2. Andy Crichton Andy Crichton

    Much appreciated Charlie, it is the only way we know 🙂 I liked your Wooster Dust Eater fashion accessory btw, very hygienic.

  3. Charles Budd

    Ha ha! Not the first time I’ve had a dusty beard. 🙂

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