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What’s the best filler to use? Prestonett?

Listed under beissier, Blog, preparation Posted May 27 2013

What’s the best filler to use?

Toupret are the big name in specialist fillers in the UK, but Prestonett (from Beissier) is another French based filler company that has a long pedigree too in this field.

Beissier was created in Paris (France) in the early 19th century under the name ‘Buisson Aîné’. At that time it was a small gelatine manufacturing business. Acquired in 1871 by Mr. Hector Beissier, the company then took his name.

We have quite a bit of feedback on their range of Prestonett decorator fillers.

Martin Guest has a full report on the initial range available in the UK:

I trialled the *Interior Multipurpose Powder Filler and *Ready Mixed Lightweight Filler on a Cameoid restoration project in Liverpool… I used the Multipurpose on the deeper joints and the Lightweight on surface deviations. Both were a joy to use – the Multipurpose mixed easily and was extremely free flowing (of course, this depends upon your own preference of water content). Full report here

The filler has since become part of his workflow.

This shows a glimpse at Beissier’s role in the filler industry in Europe

You can contact Beissier’s UK department here

Crash test but no dummy

As a group ‘Traditional Painters’ quite often get asked by manufacturers and suppliers to test and try various products and provide feedback on our findings.

Testing is done over a period of time on different substrates using different applications. We do give initial findings, but it can be some time before we provide feedback on related products, and only give recommendations, once confident that they work!

And we’re not going to say something is great, if it isn’t! In turn, our readers tell us regularly that they trust our judgement and appreciate our input. Doing things right can be a royal pain at times, but fillers are a prime example where the right choice enables you to be picky and efficient! For instance, a good filler that grips, doesn’t sag, dries in a good time frame, and sands easily, will speed up a fundamental decorating process, allowing you to go the extra mile without losing time.

Or you can stick with those horrible grainy fillers that don’t sand well.

If something we use regularly isn’t working for you, let us know in the forum and we will try to steer you in the right direction.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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