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What’s new at Traditional Painter?

Listed under Blog Posted Nov 07 2012

Just a quicky to announce three big webby advances on the site. Logo, Facebook Invites and a killer Search function.


TP_Logo_RND_indexThe first obvious change, if you visit the site, is our spanky new logo, designed by Katherine Lalonde at KL Design.

The logo represents an olde worlde seal, which seems to capture the traditional painter idea perfectly. Hope you like it and remember it!

As well as identifying the website, the logo also identifies approved contributors to the Traditional Painter site.

Recommended Kitchen painters The UK kitchen painters each use the logo to identify themselves as associates of Traditional Painter. I consider them among the very best in the business and are the only kitchen painters and specialist decorators I will recommend.

Article and Forum contributors Wherever you see an article with a photo and a TP seal, that person speaks for the site, and represents what we stand for. Likewise on the forum, the TP seal says the contributors have my approval to advise and comment as they see fit on behalf of Traditional Painter.

Associate suppliers (recommended suppliers who have a dedicated webpage on the site) also have the TP seal on their entries on this site.

Best search engine for painting and decorating advice is now on Traditional Painter

TP custom Search box One of the advantages of being in a network of the country’s most knowledgeable decorators is having access to that knowledge. And one of the advantages of Google is the ability to index any website’s information and search it almost instantly. Combine the two…

So when you now search on Traditional Painter, you will see results compiled from every website associated with Traditional Painter. It is quite the painting and decorating resource and the information you find can be trusted, and dare I say, may be even more consistently reliable and focussed than a normal Google search. Try it.

Ron Taylor TP WarwickshireWe have at least 5 hand-painted kitchens on the go as we speak, and there will be some useful posts coming soon about those.

There will be a couple of product reviews and a welcome to Traditional Painter for Ron Taylor. Ron (pictured left) is an authority on water-based paint for woodwork and is a TP specialist for painted kitchens in Warwickshire.

If you can think of any aspect of the site (or our approach) that could do with a revamp, please let me know.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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