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What is a painting and decorating blog

Listed under Blog, Marketing Posted Oct 06 2011

To get your head around what blogging actually is, think of a word processor program like Word connected to the internet. If you have a computer and an internet connection, you can blog.

The main difference between Word and blogging software like WordPress is that, instead of saving to your computer, WordPress can send your work straight on to the internet. And as it lands on the internet, the blog software can automatically notify other websites of its presence.

It is this “hello I’m here” dynamic nature of blogging software that sets blogs apart from conventional websites. Blogs are proactive, websites tend to be static. Blogs publicise themselves, whereas with websites, you create and plonk pages of information online and wait for someone to find them. Smart businesses use their blogs to drive traffic to their website.

Blogging styles

Blogs (originally weblogs) can be anything from a daily record of work, a diary, a business journal, newsletter, a shout out to colleagues or clients, an article… right through to full blown websites (like this site). They can be serious, technical, funny. Just like using Word, pretty much the only restrictions or rules about what to create are the limits of your imagination. So you can blog a sentence or a book; you can blog an article and add photos or just create a photo blog; you can include a video to support the thesis of a 10,000 word article, or just set up a camera and create a video blog. You can include your own sketches, or create a cartoon blog. Content options for a blog are almost limitless nowadays.

Overview of where blogging fits into the world

A blog isn’t best used as a standalone tool. It fits into a scheme. Write a blog post and publicise it either on social media sites or via RSS and email subscriptions. Also, once online, Google finds blog posts, analyses the content and displays the relevant ones in search engine results.

Once in front of 1 or a million readers, if the blog post solves a problem or answers a question, then some may go to your website curious to find out more about what you offer.

If the website is set up correctly, the visitor will be gently encouraged to approach you for a quote or enquire about what you can do for them. Ideally, you get work, get paid. One more good online marketing job done, the circle is complete. Blog again.

On its own, a blog is fairly unproductive for business

As I just explained, a blog is part of a system for online marketing. A blog can entertain or educate, but it can’t really generate AND deliver paid business on its own. Neither can a website, and neither can Twitter etc. But together, they make a good team.

If you are a painter or decorator or contractor and you are keen to crack the internet nut, I would highly recommend you buy a www. domain name, hire a web host, hire a construction-oriented internet marketing expert, set up a website in WordPress, incorporate a blog as part of the website, and write away for a year or more. **

A blog will definitely benefit your business assuming –

a) you write regularly about topics you understand in an engaging way.

b) you use your blog to offer solutions to real world problems.

c) you use your blog to guide interested parties to your website where you display your services and give folks good reasons to call you, with a view to hiring you.


The internet is supposed to save us time, but in reality, that only holds true if you are a consumer of information! If you are a producer of content, the internet consumes time by the bucketload.

Rightly or wrongly, most painters, decorators and building contractors without a blog say they are busy enough as it is, dealing with quotes, doing their job, without adding blog duty to the daily grind.

That is a shame because blogs are in fact a very valuable tool in the marketing strategy of a painting company, and if there is a way to incorporate a blog into your business life, try find it.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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