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Weymouth: oak painted kitchen comes up like new

Listed under Blog, hand-painted kitchen, Little Greene, Neil Callender Posted Feb 20 2014

Last year Traditional Painter, Neil Callender, was asked to look at a small oak kitchen to paint. The customer was happy with the units and layout and just wanted a new look.

New look please, even though “they” say it isn’t possible

The customer was keen to have their cabinets painted, but had been told in the past that, as the units had been oiled and waxed, it wasn’t possible to have an oak painted kitchen.

Spoiler alert!

waxed oak oil eggshell over oak

So I drove down to the south coast to take a look. Yes the units had a lot of wax on them, but nothing that couldn’t be removed, so a price was agreed and 5 weeks later I turned up and got to work.

First job was to remove as much wax as I could, so I started off using a couple of cabinet scrapers, removing as much as possible without wetting the surface. Once I was happy that I had removed enough, I then got out my tried and trusted cleaner, Viro-Sol, which is a Citrus based cleaner/Degreaser.

oak after degreasing

I applied the cleaner to all areas using a spray bottle, then had a quick coffee while it did its magic, then set about cleaning off any oil or wax left on the units. I used an old tooth brush and nail brush to get into any mouldings and tight spaces. Once I was happy that all the wax had been removed, I washed down with clean water and left to dry overnight.

Ready to prime

For the primer I went for Zinnser Coverstain, an oil based primer that is touch dry in under an hour and gives a good solid base for any topcoat.

Zinsser Coverstain on oak

Once the primer was fully dry I then used a 320 grade paper to give it all a light rub down. I then dusted off and cleaned down with a tac rag.


Using a lead light, I then went around and filled any holes or dents with a two pack filler. The filler only takes about 15 minutes to dry, which is about the same time it takes me to drink a coffee!

Once the filler had been rubbed down and all units cleaned off, I applied a second coat of primer to all areas. (I would have loved to show you a picture of the units primed but there was a small incident involving, me, the camera and a garden wall – new camera on order)

One final rub down with the 320 paper and a clean off with a new tac rag and it was ready for the final two top coats.

Little Greene oil eggshell

The customer had gone for an oil based eggshell and picked a colour from the Little Greene Range, an off white colour to help lighten the room.

Once the first coat had been applied and left to dry fully overnight, I gave it all a final rub down using a 400 grade paper, followed by a final clean down.

The second and final coat was applied and then left over the weekend to harden off fully.

In the mean time the knobs were cleaned off, sanded down and two coats of a dark oak stain applied.

Monday morning the kitchen area was given a final clean up and all handles put on, a couple of hinges needed a slight adjustment then the kitchen was good to go.

oil eggshell over oak

oil eggshell over oak

Neil Callender hand painted kitchens and painted furniture in DorsetSpecialist painter and decorator, Neil Callender, is a member of the Traditional Painter UK network. He has specialised in hand painted kitchens and furniture in Dorset for the past 14 years.

Neil is a 3rd generation decorator and has worked all over the UK. He is old school, but willing to give new products and ideas the benefit of his 30 years experience. He has been known to unwind occasionally on the golf course.


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