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Websites referring visitors to Traditional Painter

Listed under Blog, Marketing Posted Feb 15 2011

The internet is a series of links and inter-links, and when I blog or post on forums, I try to link to sites and articles that will add colour and substance to the various decorating topics I post online. Several sites have maintained links back to this site too, and below are the websites referring visitors to Traditional Painter.

acmasterpainter on Twitter This is where I have fun chats and share information on a regular basis with many of the best professionals in my trade – in all trades and professions actually – from painters through to Health and Safety advisors, restoration experts, designers, accountants, photographers…

Newlife paints This is the greenest paint company out there, in my opinion. They recycle emulsion paint that would ordinarily go to waste and turn it back into very good trade quality paint. If they could get their hands on the 14% of millions of gallons of emulsion paint that is dumped every year, by my simplistic reckoning, there would be an instant 14% reduction in consumption of resources, with no reduction in quality of tried and tested materials.

Jack Pauhl A superb in-depth series of articles on what slows you down when painting and preparing. Jack Pauhl’s site is probably the best resource out there for tips and tricks on how to become a super efficient and high class painter.

Cover Your Wall They stock and sell the full MAV Erfurt lining paper range. They have a very exciting product called R300. Good bye woodchip, hello smooth paper surface.

Ehow.co.uk has an article on how to paint old pine furniture This is one of the most searched topics and there are quite a few easy to follow tips and techniques here.

Tips on how to hand-paint a kitchen Another popular topic that is posted in-depth on Posterous and refers readers to this site. If you read this post, and you have the time and skill to apply what I share, you will be able to paint your kitchen cabinets like a pro.

Mike van Winkle The Traditional Painter site is built around WordPress blogging software. If you want a web presence in a hurry, and like the idea of extending its functionality with a few clicks on plug-ins, WP is a great way to go. Mike has some good info on building a registration page with a plug-in.

Painters pit stop is a very good forum packed full of help and advice from professional decorators who know their stuff.

Kent Health and Safety had an excellent service geared towards helping small businesses stay safe and how to navigate through the HSE legislation. Adam’s advice about the responsibilities of both contractors and the business owner when working in an office during working hours, actually secured me a job – from which I got another job…

London based Interior designer Heather Jenkinson wrote an insightful article on colour pallets from designer paint companies like Farrow and Ball, Zoffany, Little Greene. From a weaving background, Heather knows colour inside out.

AWACCS accountancy services is run by Alastair Wood, who blows apart the myth that accounting is a stodgy but necessary evil. It is necessary, but his advice and style of business is very engaging and writes very clearly about the various ins and outs of tax, in this case VAT and building projects.

Do you have a website or blog? When you next write a post about any of the subjects I cover, consider linking back to a topic here. Let me know and I will make the effort to reciprocate with a post. Between 300 and 400 viewers come here per day, so it will get well read over time.

Some website owners don’t link to other niche sites, or do an Unfollow on comments, to prevent any leakage from their own site, but from my understanding of how the internet works, the more links to valid conversations, the better able we are to draw a rounded conclusion about something.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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