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Ultimate Painting & Decorating Resource

Listed under Blog Posted Jul 02 2010

Highlight any word or phrase on the traditionalpainter.com website and automagically, it will appear in Google or Wikipedia. Dig deep into a painting and decorating topic without relying on the opinion of only one master craftsman.

Thanks to Ambient Web for their amazing Treemagic search tool

Pictorial demo of how Tree Magic search works »

You are reading an article and see a word or phrase that you want to explore further.

a) Highlight that word or phrase. A pop-up window will appear. (Some browsers may require you to highlight AND click on a word to activate the pop-up window.)

b) Select from Google or Wikipedia in the pop-up window.


Voila, you can search Google (or Wikipedia) and browse to your heart’s content – without leaving the page you are on in traditionalpainter.com.

google results direct from text
When you have finished browsing the search results, you click on CLOSE button, top right and return to the article.

back to original article

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4 comments to “Ultimate Painting & Decorating Resource”

  1. acmasterpainter

    Cypress Tree powers an Ultimate Painting & Decorating Resource

  2. Wall Coatings

    Hiya! I found your site as someone recommended it, a chap called Darren in the USA. You have a great site! 🙂 I see you have a forum? Is it popular? We have toyed with the idea but I don;t have time to “police” it so a bit scared as to something running away with itself. Is it a good idea or no?

    Kind regards

    Guy Alexander Bell
    Plymouth, Devon.

  3. Andy Crichton Andy Crichton

    If you dont police it, as you say, it will not work, it is a big commitment, spammers looking to set up dummy accounts are never-ending. You need a tight registration process. I dont see TP’s as a chit chat forum, so not looking for the banter that you get most places, that would be a lot more work.

  4. Wall Coatings

    LOL! Yeah thats about what i thought. We considered it on many occasions, but personally i think they attract forum trolls and spammers. Good to have like minded pros sharing ideas though. Anyway, keep up the good work. 🙂

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