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Ask the paint expert

Ask the paint expert is an umbrella term covering the free advice we offer our readers. We do not know everything, but can usually solve most troublesome issues around kitchen painting or decorating.

Traditional Painter Forum

You are welcome to browse over 6000 posts on the forum. There is no need to sign in or sign up, just hunt down answers to most common decorating issues using the super search function. We are an open church so to speak and the content is useful for all levels of experience, trade or DIY.

The answers are all moderated and verified for accuracy by Traditional Painter members, who are all specialist decorating professionals.

Direct approach to getting a complete answer

We understand that signing up to a forum to pose just one question can be a bind, so you are welcome to contact me direct for one-off advice.

We do not offer a telephone-based service, but you are welcome to submit questions via email.

Describe the problem and include a photo(s) with your question. Pictures tend to better explain an issue. I will do my level best to provide a practical solution.

Our advice is always predicated on the idea that you do a test sample before implementing the process suggested to solve your problem. We cannot be held responsible for users’ lack of experience or misinterpretations.

Submit before and after shots of your successful project

We do not charge for advice, but it would be helpful to get some feedback. Ideally you would be willing to submit before and after photos of projects we have advised on. We would like permission to use the info and photos on the website or forum for the benefit of future readers. We do not publish any personally identifiable information.

The bigger the transformation, the bigger the difference between before and after, the better!

Ask the paint chemist

For the deep answers to paint related questions, you could do worse than consult with someone who makes paint. Keith Harrison at Newlife Paints recycles water based wall paint and eggshell and understands way more than the nuts and bolts of paint technology. He has generously helped with some very indepth answers to “simple” paint questions. Keith doesn’t just give out soundbites either. Why does emulsion paint craze when painted over acrylic caulk is one example of a very well read article based on his extensive insights.

Colour help

This is a useful resource if you have questions about colour co-ordination, colour cards, colour sampling…

Search engines are your friend

We have a site search engine at the top of every page on the site. A keyword or search term will bring up every relevant article or reference published on Traditional Painter.

We do not cover every topic, but luckily the internet is a huge resource and if you select “ALL” on the search results page, all the answers out there online will be at your fingertips!

Our site search is powered by Duckduckgo, which is an open source search engine that does not track users. In other words, when you browse around the internet, you won’t see adverts mysteriously appearing based on what you searched last week on the Traditional Painter website!

Social media may help, or not

If you struggle to find good answers in search engines, social media is another option. The only drawback is that the UK decorating trade seems to be gravitating towards closed discussion groups on FaceBook. This is a shame for those who aren’t in the groups. This tactic is also helping Facebook “silo” a lot of useful knowledge, which only those in the closed groups have access to. This trend of reducing access to what should be common knowledge, feels contrary to the democratic spirit of the internet. It’s a free world, of course, but restricting information is not how we do things at Traditional Painter.


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If the info we have shared in TP blog articles has given you the confidence to paint kitchen cabinets and furniture yourself, that is great. And in general, we hope that all homeowners, DIY and trade can take away & use our ideas for decorating better, faster or cleaner than the accepted norm.

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