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Trimaco One Tuff painters dust sheets

Listed under Masking tape, products, RSS only Posted Apr 19 2012

Trimaco One Tuff dust sheets impenetrable, slip resistantTrimaco One Tuff painters dust sheets are on sale.

I just bought a couple of 9′ x 12′ sheets for just over £11 incl of VAT, instead of £17 plus VAT from Brewers in Burton.

Sarah is on 01283 741600

Sadly they are on clearance, as they are not a Brewers product, whatever that is supposed to mean.

The couple of 9×12 sheets are to replenish my stock. I use One Tuff all the time for my kitchen and furniture work, using the wallpaper-width rolls stuck together to make up a sheet. But I wasn’t sure if I should highly recommend the full sheets to everyone else for anything other than draping over furniture. See the final paragraph for the thumbs up on all counts.

Past experience of One Tuff
In terms of stopping paint and traipsing paint around, the One Tuff fabric is more practical than any of the other floor protectors doing the rounds, and it comes in rolls and full sheets.

The last time I used the full sheets on the floor, they ticked every box except one. I had trouble getting them to lay flat, which was inconvenient, because just like cotton sheets, you had to be a dab hand at moon walking to avoid tripping. As you can see in the picture below, it didn’t hinder me hand-painting this kitchen, but not ideal, wondering if I was going to trip and pitch headlong into the concertina-ed doors.

One tuff dust sheets to protect floors

I have used One Tuff on a roll for a long while now for protecting hardwood and tiled floors when painting kitchens and for laying on carpet when painting pieces of furniture in situ. It comes off the roll without creases, and I have taped the rolls together to make a large sheet, which lies flat. Perfect.

As an idea of how good the One Tuff fabric is, it is impervious to paint, won’t ever tear under normal use or under heavy bootage, and is slip resistant, if laid the correct face down. One Tuff is light enough to be taped down around the edges with a mid-tack masking tape, and if you want it to, the tape will peel off the One Tuff at the end of the job without damaging the fabric… Also it is super easy to vacuum up dirt trailed in by foot traffic. It folds down small. Totally reusable for months. Far superior to cotton sheets, in my opinion.


Either my memory was skewy or I was being hyper-critical, or there is a slight improvement in their design since I used the full sheet last year? Having laid it out on a tiled floor, the 9 x 12 sheet laid down crinkly but flat, and I will definitely be using these sheets on hardwood and tiled floors.

(The single sheet is several strips seamed together, and when it lays down, you can deal with it “one strip at a time”. From memory, before, I felt like I was battling with one continuous unmanageable sheet. Not this time around.)

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