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Trimaco green masking tape

Listed under Blog, Masking tape, preparation, products Posted Jan 30 2012

Trimaco do a massive range of masking tape, masking paper, protective plastic, tape dispensers. This Trimaco green masking tape is about 70% on the high tack scale. And is good for 7 days.

For masking along the edge of carpets against the baseboard / skirting, the green Trimaco tape seems equal in stick and usefulness to the Scotchblue 2090 tape.

It is by all accounts the same tape as used on Trimaco’s excellent tape ‘n drape rolls, just in green instead of blue.

This is how I used the green Triamco masking tape to protect carpets prior to a full re-decorating project.

Lay the masking tape along the edge of the skirting boards first. Then lay out the plastic sheeting,, then tape the strips of paper to the tape along the skirting line.


The 1200 grade lining paper is a robust and easy-to-sweep or easy-to-vacuum surface along the base of skirtings.

As long as the paper is about 9 or 10″ wide only, it is quite difficult to stand on it, unless you are trying that circus act leaning against the wall with one leg off the ground. Therefore, as long as the paper is not stuck to the main flooring covering, in this case to the plastic sheeting, you can walk around the work area without the weight of your footsteps pulling the tape away from the skirtings.

The Easy mask QM9000 Pro is a beast that makes a doddle of masking up with plastic or prepared paper rolls.

I use lining paper because it is cheaper than paper rolls. But I suspect if you account for trimming time, maybe lining paper is overall more expensive. Not sure – yet.

Masking tape information

One of the specialist painters listed on this site has written up quite an indepth study of masking tape. See Colin’s Masking tape test

Essex Decorators, GS Decoration use a lot of masking tape and protective coverings in their daily decorating work.

The 3M tape dispenser model T20 is indispensable kit if you do any sort of masking work, or even for packaging.

If your decorators aren’t masking up, or use high tack crappy crepe tape on everything, tell them to get with the program. Or call in a professional who cares about keeping your home tidy.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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2 comments to “Trimaco green masking tape”

  1. Andrew Wolfenden

    Hi there.

    I’m about to start painting the skirting and looking to protect my varnished floor. Which of the blue tapes would you recommend?



  2. Avatar photo Andy Crichton

    3M 2090 or Tesa do reliable low tack tapes. It is hard to recommend precisely without a test, which you should always do, just in case. We have all had horrible unexpected experiences!

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