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Traditional wet sanding and Festools dry sanding

Listed under abranet, Blog, cleaning, Fluxaf, hand-painted kitchen Posted Sep 07 2011

Update May 3rd 2014: The old ways can be the best when you need to clean back grease AND sand down a surface to ensure a good key for primers.

Wet sanding

The rubber block in the video has served me well since I was an apprentice. And is used in tandem with a bucket of water and a sponge, a drop of washing up liquid helps clean out the abrasive, which is an automotive wet n dry paper for scratch-free sanding.

The modern combination is a degreaser like * Fluxaf Pro followed by dry dustless sanding and a last wipe with meths. Same end results. Each has their place, and as long as the end result is a grease-free and etched surface ready for painting, it’s all good!

Festools sander

This little gizmo courtesy of Trade Decorating Supplies is my first Festools acquisition. The velcro backed abrasive fits tightly on to the thin “fin”. Very nice and tidy idea for getting tight in to the moulded corners of paneled kitchen cabinet doors.

I use the Mirka sanding block attached to a vacuum for general sanding of doors and paneling.

The block did have a sharp right angled edge for awkward corners, but has worn. Even when the Mirka block is brand new though, results from the above Festool are better for corners. So a good step forward, Festool.

I will be using both these options on hand-painted kitchens.

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One comment to “Traditional wet sanding and Festools dry sanding”

  1. c montague

    Has any one used this sanding kit brand and there other stuff

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