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Traditional Painter network Hand Painted Kitchens & Furniture In The UK Blog 1: The White Kitchen Company.

Listed under Blog, hand-painted kitchen, White Kitchen Company Posted Oct 19 2022

The White Kitchen Company Meets Traditional Painter Network www.thewhitekitchencompany.com

Hi, I’m Paul Barber, the owner of the Traditional Painter network. Since 2011, our 20 invitation-only specialist painters has worked on literally thousands of hand painted kitchens. Our client list includes private homeowners and kitchen companies all around the UK.

Although we have painted every imaginable style and scale of new kitchen, our invitation-only specialists have made a name for themselves offering a nationwide kitchen refurbishment service. Traditional Painter hand-painted-kitchen-specialists-in-uk

refurbished kitchen
The paintwork on this island (not from the White Kitchen Company!) had failed and was completely restored by Traditional Painter network member Paul Ian Barber. Paul Ian’s kitchen painting skills are featured below on a new White Kitchen Company installation in Northamptonshire.

Back in 2011, the message from Traditional Painter was clear.

New kitchen, hand painted to a showroom quality finish, without having to buy, rip out and install a new kitchen.

This was our novel offer to homeowners still caught up in an economic recession. Much of the country was struck by a lack of confidence about the future, or lack of funds. The idea of a brand new kitchen was simply not an option for so many homeowners.

Needless to say, 99.9% of the public had no idea it was even possible to paint oak, pine, or laminate kitchens, to last. And it goes without saying, the whole concept went down like a lead balloon with companies in the business of selling new kitchens. Since when were you ever supposed to paint an oak kitchen?! It was anathema, until it wasn’t.

The White Kitchen Company meets Traditional Painter network

Everything is cyclical, and innovative kitchen companies adapt and spot new opportunities that make sense to both the public and their own bottom line.

Fast forward to 2022, you can imagine our delight to receive this recent testimonial from The White Kitchen Company.

Paul C Barber Decorations
At The White Kitchen Company , We can highly recommend Paul C Barber & Son to paint any of our new kitchens on-site, Or for a complete retro repaint. www.thewhitekitchencompany.com

white kitchen company larder
placeholder for the kitchen related to the testimonial

Below I will explain how we painted that new White Kitchen Company kitchen. First though, I have to say it is most heartening to see an innovative kitchen company, who specialise in new, period and Shaker style kitchens, acknowledge the role of painting existing kitchens!

Paul C Barber – Traditional Painter paints the White Kitchen Company kitchen

This was a new installation from the White Kitchen Company that we hand painted in Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire. On this kitchen we also carried out the refurbishment to the existing oak kitchen cabinets which where completed to a hand painted finish in an off white to contrast the White Kitchen Company bespoke double fridge housing cabinets.

In summary

At the Traditional Painter network, we have spent many years painting new and older installations. And all the while, we have been driven to innovate and perfect techniques and product selection. In a follow-up blog, I will show you the developments in the kitchen painting industry over the years. Progress has very much been for the benefit of homeowners, kitchen companies and specialist kitchen painters.

In 2022, Traditional Painter are perfectly placed to hand paint new kitchens from The White Kitchen Company and any existing kitchen cabinets that require repainting. We would have no hesitation in recommending there high quality furniture at a very competitive price.

If you are in the market for a new painted kitchen, please contact the WKC office.

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