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Toupret fillers fit the bill

Listed under Blog, preparation, products Posted Apr 21 2011

This is in response to an email from Paul who was referring to Toupret filler, and wanted to know if it was any good.

In a nutshell, yes.

Along with Gesso and rollable filler, we have been using and trialing a few different Toupret products on a recent job. After prepping 1000m2 of previously painted plastered wall and ceiling area, I can confidently say that the French company’s range is outstanding, specialist, and definitely performs well.


We used this as our “polyfilla”. It comes in the black bags, and works for general filling, as well as skimming over dented woodwork. Dries in 2-3 hours and you can mix it runny or thick depending on your depth of filling.

For holes over 1″ deep, they told me it is better than 2-pack Polycell Deep Hole, but I disagree. It is good, but doesn’t outperform the best filler I have found so far on 1″ deep holes. (On this topic, JG Decorating in York area have been happy with Ronseal 2-pack for quick-drying non-sinking filler on big gouges and chasms, so worth a try.)


The French are fanatical about preparation and when it comes to a prefect finish, they stop at nothing! Pulsar is a sprayable fine surface filler for plaster walls and ceilings.

It is a semi-liquid tub filler that is sprayable with a small airless kit. I have a different set up, a low pessure spray gun from Sata which is designed for spraying polyester car body filler. It also applies this liquid tub filler well.

It dries overnight and sands down easily leaving a blemish free surface. It can be tinted, which makes for very interesting specifications! It also stinks like a sewer when sanded, which makes for other kinds of interesting observations.


Another tub filler, more akin to plaster in consistency, TX120 can be skimmed over deeper gouged surfaces and next day is easily sanded to end up looking brand new.

We had a success and a failure on the latest job, so the plasterer is thinking further about the methods required to make it a direct replacement for plaster.

Gras a Lacquer

This oil based tub filler gives you a perfectly smooth, really hard and super shiny gloss finish, outstanding actually. If it is good enough for the old door at Number 10, it is good enough for your front door. It is what I know as Swedish Putty. This was supplied by Trade Decorating Supplies in Derby.

How to gloss a front door using Toupret fillers
I previously described how to gloss paint a front door using standard products such as Polyfiller, caulk and Dulux Weathershield paint. This can be greatly improved on in terms of quality and speed.

-Pre-fill big dings with Toupret TX110.

– Prime with Sikkends Rubbol BL primer.

– Skim over the whole surface with the Gras a Lacquer, wait a couple of hours and repeat filling.

– Next day, sand down with fine grade Abranet and paint with Sikkens AZ oil-based gloss. I dilute with a drop of Owatrol and apply with a Wooster velour roller laid off with a Wooster Alpha brush… you have never seen a sheen like it.

Toupret fillers work

There are many more fillers in the Toupret range. For instance, the polyfiller TX120 seems to be marble smooth, but relative to 2 other fillers in the range, one of which is exotically named Cachet Bleu, it is the most coarse!

And the above fillers are for interior general filling. There are exterior fillers too, plus scrim tapes and so it goes on.

One word of warning though. Toupret filler creates a lot of dust, which is not so much of a problem with dust extraction kit. I don’t recommend sanding Toupret products without, though. Also it is pricey compared to standard filler. But it isn’t standard product, so no professional should care that the best fillers cost a bit more money.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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4 comments to “Toupret fillers fit the bill”

  1. mane

    Which fille is best for hairline cracks?

  2. Andy Crichton Andy Crichton

    Cracks on plaster, plasterboard joints, or cracks in woodwork?

  3. David

    I tried the tip I read here about trying out TX110 with emulsion and you’re absolutely right – dries like rock. Fantastic stuff.

    Also tried out Gras a Lacquer and it’s also brilliant – though I had a lot of trouble applying it to mouldings.

  4. Andy Crichton Andy Crichton

    TX110 is a great filler. We try to be as accurate and honest as possible and make a point of trying to post only what we have seen work with our own eyes, and more than once. If you search for info on “brushing filler” that might help with mouldings in future.

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