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Tips about painting and decorating videos

Listed under Blog, video Posted Apr 30 2012

One of the best Tips about painting and decorating videos is that Video is the future of the internet. For anyone looking to discover the finer points of painting and decorating, video is a fabulous resource on several levels. Here are a few specific tips about painting and decorating videos.

youtube videos of painting and decorating

Video to improve painting technique

If you have an iPhone, or smart phone with a video camera, set it up and video yourself at work.


Video of painting a door. Easy hey? Maybe. With the camera rolling, though, you will probably learn a lot about your technique and see how you can paint doors better and/or faster.

It should take about 7 minutes to brush or roll/tip a 6-panel door with acrylic paint. To do this, you need a smooth and well rehearsed technique, with minimal fussing. Look at Youtube video demoes, there is a lot of fussing going on. It is probably impossible to paint a door without the odd unnecessary flick, but there is a limit. If you lay off the same rail three times because you don’t paint your doors in the right order, the video will reveal all. If you insist on pulling imaginary excess paint out of each corner of each panel half a dozen times, just in case, it will be captured in the video recording. A video of yourself in action will point out any such tics.


With the camera rolling, even a fabulous technique can be improved. Eradicate a tad too much fuss when laying off the panels. Thumbs up for holding your paint right by the door in a Pelican, with a roller and brush to hand, working systematically down the door. Attention to minimal bending and stretching, no problem with keeping the wet edge going. Sweet.

Maybe by videoing yourself you can see how you waste time with conventional paint kettles. Seconds wasted avoiding the handle, dibbing and dabbing, dabbing and dibbing paint on the sides. How about juggling 2 brushes, not for speed for sure. Or you can spot your unnecessary repeat strokes, laying off too many times.

Consummate spray painted kitchen technique

Full article where Ron Taylor shows how to spray paint a kitchen.

Video to learn new decorating techniques

Youtube is now one of the leading search engines and resources for searching for info. Whatever you need to know, someone has probably made a video of it.

Video gives insights on how professionals can sharpen up their presentation on site

Another benefit of video for professional painters is that if you set up your video camera, you can see a couple of things through the eyes of your clients!

What do you look like when you are working.

Physically, we are what we are, but we do have control over our general appearance. The camera never lies. How do you look on site? Is that you in the smart Blaklader pants or are you the quasi-tarmaccer with your butt hanging out your scaggy painters pants. Are you tidy or are your work clothes plastered in paint? If, on the video, you see a tell-tale colour card of paint marks from the pocket to the knee of your pants, so can your client. Through the 3rd eye perspective of a video camera, you get to see your image, and act, or not.

Do you run a tidy site?

Rather than idyllic photos after a room has been put back together, walk round with a video camera when work is in progress. Do you have everything ordered and tidy, or is your work area a dusty filthy obstacle course? What do you think your client thinks?

Just a few ideas on how to incorporate video technology into your painting and decorating thinking.

The above thoughts were prompted by an article by North Cornwall decorator Alan Iles. Many thanks for that.

If you have any useful insights into video, please share them with us.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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