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Step by Step how to hand paint a kitchen Little Greene Paint

Listed under Blog, hand-painted kitchen, Little Greene, Matthew Evans Posted Oct 22 2012

This article from traditional Painter, Matt Evans, reveals literally step by step, how to hand paint a kitchen – Little Greene oil-based eggshell paint was used.

With all the great advice and information from the craftsmen on these pages, there is little left to reveal. But have you wondered exactly how your kitchen looks throughout the whole process? Step by step as it’s cleaned down, sanded (dust-free), filled, primed, undercoated, and finished by hand with all the little bits in-between to make the finished job fantastic to look at and touch.

This is why during our latest hand painted kitchen project in South Wales, we at Welsh Heritage Decor decided to set up a time lapse camera and record the whole process from start to finish for you to see.

Finished in ’50’s Magnolia’ and ‘Kitchen Green’ the Little Green Eggshell gave this revamped kitchen in South Wales a well deserved facelift after many years service, with many more to come. The decision to refurbish the kitchen opened the possibility to incorporate a new cooker island and upgrade the lighting for a totally different feel and look to the original.

There are more pictures and some extra information on our website for Hand Painted Kitchens and Traditional Decoration in South Wales.

Little Greene paints are supplied by Paints and Interiors, free delivery.

Matthew Evans hand painted kitchens South WalesSpecialist painter and decorator, Matthew Evans, is a member of the Traditional Painter UK network. He is the first port of call for hand painted kitchens South Wales.

Matthew and wife Lindsay, an interior designer, work together decorating heritage and period properties. They draw on time-served skills and techniques to hand-paint kitchens, furniture, and apply traditional paints and decorative finishes, including gilding and graining.


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2 comments to “Step by Step how to hand paint a kitchen Little Greene Paint”

  1. Andy Crichton Andy Crichton

    Great way to show the kitchen painting process. I was curious though why the other trades who worked there fitting new items wanted the camera turned off?

  2. Welsh Heritage Decorating Welsh Heritage Decorating

    I think some people are just a little paranoid when they see a camera these days, also not everyone is as open and considerate when in a customers house. Not to worry not much was missed

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