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Spray painting in Warwick

Listed under Blog, hand-painted furniture, Ron Taylor, spray painting Posted May 23 2020

Ron Taylor, Traditional Painter, is an expert in hand painted kitchens. He also specialises in Spray painting in Warwick. A previous article is a masterclass in a spray painted kitchen. This video shows Ron demonstrating how to spray bannisters.

Spindle spray painting in Warwick

Assuming you have set up the equipment correctly, the nuts and bolts of spray painting a kitchen door is a lot easier than spraying spindles on stairways. Ron will be the first to say that you need to have a really well polished technique to paint the fiddly bits on a stairway.

Before Ron explains, here are a few architectural terms related to stairs. It should help understand what he is referring to, and more!

Stairway to heavenly painting

  • Spindles are the thin bannister or balustre posts.
  • Newel post is the main, stockier post top and bottom
  • Handrail is obvious but could be natural timber on top, painted beneath.
  • Rosette is the end cap where the handrail goes into the wall.
  • String is the “skirting board” that runs the length of the stairs. The stair treads are fixed into the string.
  • Spandrail is the triangular wall or panelled section between the string and the floor.
  • Treads are the horizontal part you stand on.
  • Risers are the vertical sections of a step.
  • Bull-nosing is the rounded edge of treads.

Ron Taylor explains one of the trickiest part of spraying paint – spindles

Before attempting spindles you need to think it through first. It’s very easy to overcoat handrails and string when making multiple passes.

To avoid paint build-up and unsightly runs, light, systematic coats are the way to go.

Try to coat all you can in one sweep. In other words avoid misses. Don’t make the common mistake of going back over completed work to catch the occasional missed patch.

If you’re real fast and know how the paint will behave, you can get away with flicking lightly over previously painted surfaces. Having said that, it is best to get it right first time.

I hope that helps to highlight one of the finer points of being an expert in spray painting.

What next if you are in the Warwick area?

If you are in the Warwick Leics area and would like to talk to Ron about painting your kitchen, or spindles, you can send him your project details via the map widget at the bottom of this page. He can advise on whether spraying or hand painting is most appropriate.

Alternatively contact him direct via his website.

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