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Sources of internet traffic for websites of painters & contractors

Listed under Blog, Marketing Posted Nov 16 2011

Apparently only 8% of all internet traffic to websites in US is on Google. Yet most website owners, including painters with websites and blogs, worship Google. Maybe we should think about more than SEO.

This is a diagram of the various sources of internet traffic.

Internet Traffic Sources
Major Internet Traffic Sources

Pay Per Click – every ad campaign you run must generate enough business to pay for the campaign, else it is an expensive way of getting traffic to your site. I would be interested to hear if any painter or contractor has ever had any success with Google Adwords etc?

Hard links from websites. You have to offer a service, or write about stuff that persuades other website owners to link back to your site. Some sites send traffic, others don’t. All links that are genuine will help with organic search traffic. It takes time and effort to build up links.

This is a tool that shows link popularity ie links back to a site. According to Google there are 0 backlinks here, yet Yahoo show over 200! I’m not playing the Google game, it would seem.

Organic search traffic If the traffic comes in big enough numbers, you will get results. It is free traffic in terms of money out, but it consumes time, which you may or may not value in monetary terms.

Email A simple monthly newsletter to everyone who has contacted you in the past can generate regular visits from those people. Give them a reason to use your services, or to tell their friends about your service, and this can be a goldmine of traffic that counts.

Do you think there is too big a focus on SEO when there are other more direct options? I am certainly eyeing the list of contacts I now have and thinking of a cracking monthly newsletter!

Kindle, another source of traffic. There is a guy called Michael Johnson who has worked out how to tap into Amazon Kindle as a source of traffic (and big money.)

So many people want to read about your business, and hear what you have to say, just need to reach them!

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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