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Siroflex SX Cartridge cut from TDS

Listed under Blog, Equipment Posted Feb 28 2011

For as long as I can remember I have trimmed caulk tips with a utility knife, and opened a caulk tube – with a utility knife. So what’s the deal with this 310ml cartridge cutter from caulk manufacturers, Siroflex?

Essentially it is a safety device, with a double cutting action.

1 – Snap it on around the screw thread on the top of the cartridge, and twist in the direction of the arrows.

This gadget worked a treat. It sliced through the thick plastic very easily and the cut was clean. Not much thinking involved. So compared to a utility knife, it is fair to say, it is an improvement. (A knife is quick, but if you don’t concentrate it can be too quick, and you can sometimes end up cutting across the thread. It isn’t a catastrophe, but it is an error!)

2 – Poke the tip through a hole and the guillotine trims it off as narrow or wide as you like.

It slices through the plastic cleanly, but I prefer to cut my tips straight across, and couldn’t get a straight cut with this Siroflex cutter, ie it was always slightly out of skew. So I wonder if it is designed solely for 45 degree cuts?.


Pros – It is safer than a knife – you would have to really muck about to damage yourself with it.

– It does trim the top thread of a cartridge very easily.

– Maybe if you are in a workshop environment, getting through dozens of tubes of silicone a day, and you trim your tips at 45 degrees, it might be quite useful on your workbench?

Cons – They say it is handy, but the Siroflex gadget only has this one use and won’t open a larger cartridge.

– The cutter was too fiddly for my paws.

– I wouldn’t want to keep it in my pocket, too bulky.


I am always happy to try new kit, and I have learnt that all tools have a learning curve, so I wouldn’t chuck a gadget just because it doesn’t work for me first time. But on this occasion it didn’t sway me away from a utility knife, which is a must-have tool in any kit bag – and will continue to be kept in my back pocket for a multitude of tasks, including trimming caulk tubes. If you have a knife and take 5 seconds to concentrate when cutting the thread of a caulk tube, or trimming the tip, a knife works, and won’t kill you.

I will be passing on the Siroflex SX Cartridge cut to a more refined tradesman than myself – a tiler – to see how they get on with it. I will report back if their findings are any different.

Final thought. It has a useful 2 minutes entertainment value if you give it to someone and ask them to work out what it does.

Let me know if you have used it, or prefer it to your current trimming method.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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2 comments to “Siroflex SX Cartridge cut from TDS”

  1. acmasterpainter

    [watch out!] Siroflex SX Cartridge cut from TDS – via #twitoaster https://traditionalpainter.com/siroflex-s

  2. Angie Magat

    hi there can you tell me where i can buy that goods?

    pls. response to my email.

    thank you


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