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Silicone sealant for inside of windows, no!!!

Listed under Blog, preparation, Toupret Posted May 06 2013

Nothing wrong with silicone sealant – IF USED IN RIGHT PLACE. But silicone sealant for inside of windows, globbed on, as well, no!!! This is so annoying, and unnecessary.

silicone on interior window

By all means, seal the exterior joints with silicone, make the exterior weather proof. But on the interior, where it is to be decorated with products that do not adhere to silicone? Please use something else.

A product like Soudal Acryrub from UK Sealants will bridge huge gaps, flexes up to 9% and can be over-painted, over-papered, decorated successfully, cleanly and in a professional way – it can even be lightly sanded smooth.

You can solve cracks permanently with the excellent Toupret Elafib scrim bedded in vinyl matt emulsion and lightly skimmed over.

elafib scrim for cracks

Those are two delightful decorator solutions, unlike the above trouble-making option, where the installer did not think about the person coming in behind to decorate.

Dealing with silicone snots is annoying enough, even when you have say a Feins tool to vibrate it out, but homeowners especially face an annoying time with a stanley knife and endless picking.

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