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Shout out to sites linking to Traditional Painter

Listed under Blog, blogging painters, darren slaughter Posted Jan 28 2014

The internet is one big inter-connected super highway of info! Here are three sites linking to Traditional Painter. Well worth a visit.

UK Workshop

UK WorkshopOn the forum they discussed Farrow and Ball won’t dry – The slow drying Estate eggshell problem has been troubling UK Workshop woodworkers across the country too, specifically darker bases. Familiar information and similar experiences to our readers.

Paint colour mismatch There was also a discussion about how you can’t really find accurate colour matches in different paint brands. Wrong! Try Holmans, they have a crack colour mixing department and will get equivalent mixes dead right.

And Metamerism. How the same colour can look different in different light. The human eye is not that sophisticated in this department – geometric metameric failure occurs when two samples match when viewed from one angle, then fail to match when viewed from a different angle. Nothing has changed, but our eye tells us different.

UK Oak Doors

UK Oak doorsCan’t beat a bit of oak, and can’t beat a bit of Mylands Earth oil either. These guys sell all manner of Mylands products and they found the article penned by Mr Dunn, where he compares the favoured Osmo Hard Wax oil and Mylands’ new offering.

Like a number of Mylands’ products, though, the Earth oil is not a lightweight newcomer. It worked really well, and is economical too.

Festool Owners Club

Festool Owners groupWe have some great connections with US sites like Blogging Painters and contractor marketer Darren Slaughter, and it is nice to see we got a plug on the Festools Owners Club site with regard to the bits and pieces of kitchen painting info you can find on this site. So thanks for the link and this is what was advised about painting kitchen cabinets

Vive la difference! It is interesting how hard it is to advise across continents. The processes may be the same, but it is tricky when the products you are familiar with are simply not available over there.

Coming soon

We will be linking out to other sites of interest over the coming months. We also look forward to collaborating with guest bloggers from around the world.

If you have a specialist decorator friend based in a far-off place, let them know about Traditional Painter, and if they want to send in an article about what they do, I will be happy to publish it.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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