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Setting up a website for painters

Listed under Blog, Marketing Posted Sep 05 2011

Options to get a decorating website / blog online

If you have zero computer skills, can’t email, have zero experience of running or setting up websites, and absolutely no interest in becoming internet literate, then there is no point trying to do this yourself. Pay a pro to get you online and run your website for you.

If you are OK with email, and not much else, but you really want your own space on the internet, the easiest solution to wet your toes is to set up a Posterous blog. The basic principle is that you create posts in your email (text and photos) and email it to Posterous who publish it all for you.

I have a Posterous blog, it is very easy, quite nice layout with plenty of themes. I use it to run off quicky ideas, and then link to it from my main website. The downside though, it is not a website, it is a blog. The even bigger downer is, it is not yours, it is part of posterous. And for marketing, when written on a business card, the address of your web presence looks amateurish – and long! Mine is traditionalpainter.posterous.com That is fine as a second string website, but not exactly professional.

Hosted wordpress or Blogger Same as Posterous, WordPress blogs or Google’s Blogger blogs are free, no ads and they do everything for you behind the scenes as far as keeping the blog online. You have to pick a theme and post the blog articles.

They are a better option than Posterous because you can do more with them. WordPress especially is more website than blog. Like all free websites, the address isn’t exactly snappy or memorable.

Posterous plus your own domain name You can buy your own domain, eg www.you.com and Posterous will let you use that as your blog address, which is better marketing. Doesn’t make any difference to what you can do on Posterous, but if you like it, this is a pretty good option for an initial web presence.

Your own domain plus WordPress or Blogger on your own webserver This website is a self hosted WordPress website with full blog setup. You can just go to MDDHosting and buy both the name and the basic webhost package for less than £50 I believe, and 24 hours later you can go to the Control Panel, click on Softaculous, pick WordPress and it will auto install for you.

Once WordPress is installed, you go to yourdomainname/wp-admin and via a dashboard, install a theme and plugins and start posting. There is a steep learning curve but once you get the hang of it by doing it, there is no better way for a decorating business to be online. WordPress is mega powerful and gives you convenient and full control on what is written, photos, videos and loads of tricks.

With your own space on the internet, you have many more options to market yourself.

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