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Where to buy or sell second hand kitchens

If you are looking to revamp your kitchen, these are the options to refurbish a kitchen. But did you know that there is a market to buy or sell second hand kitchens?

If you fancy a luxury wooden kitchen, but austerity measures are holding you back, you could put your mind to buying second hand kitchens at a massive discount instead!

Or if you are having a new kitchen installed, why not try to recoup some money by selling the old cabinets, worktops and appliances (instead of throwing it all in the skip).

We know a bit about painting and beautifying the best of refurbished and second hand / reclaimed kitchens. You really can save yourself tens of thousands going this route!

Reclaimed Mark Wilkinson kitchen

A shrewd homeowner purchased this beautiful second hand kitchen

reclaimed mark Wilkinson kitchen

It took a lot of skilled joinery work, new worktops, handles, appliances, and a beautiful paint job from Traditional Painter, Mark Nash – and now, who would ever have thought that this was actually a second hand kitchen bought, paid for and installed for a fraction of the cost of new.

reclaimed mark Wilkinson kitchen

Is there really a market for second hand wooden kitchens? Good ones?

The truth is, the supply of luxury second hand wooden kitchens is not as abundant as it was in the boom, but even so, there are enough examples around and determined homeowners have a realistic chance of finding a bargain basement second hand kitchen tagged with a big name designer label.

Where to buy or sell a luxury second hand kitchen?

There are a few options for acquiring or selling a beautifully made custom kitchen that has stood the test of time.

1 – Specialist second hand kitchen companies. They acquire stock from various sources, and warehouse them ready to sell and re-deliver anywhere in the country.

How much they pay you, or you pay them for a reclaimed kitchen depends on the size, quality and condition.

2 – Direct from kitchen showrooms Ex display kitchens from high street showrooms are a good source of “second hand” as in, not brand new kitchens. It is part of the cycle of kitchen company life to rejig their displays, and old stock is regularly surplus to requirements. Tipping costs companies big time.

The discounts can be significant, obviously not as massive as when buying a reclaimed kitchen, but if what they have available fits your space, you are well ahead financially!

3 – Independent fitters and builders who fit kitchens for private clients are also worth approaching. Make it known what you are after, and make it known that if the right kitchen comes up, they should not trash what they take out. Instead, bring the units to your house, and even offer them the job of fitting it. Win – win.

4 – Classifieds, auction houses There are many online and offline platforms of various sizes making a second hand kitchen market between buyers and sellers.

Main downsides of buying a second hand kitchen

1 – It is unlikely someone else’s kitchen will fit exactly in your kitchen, so you will need a smart joiner to make it work. But artists are around. And if your joiner is willing to think hard, any and all modifications are possible and great savings are possible for you.

2 – You may have to buy a bigger reclaimed kitchen than you need, so be prepared to have surplus units to dispose of. Sell rather than take it off to the dump.

3 – You may have to buy extra units to fill your kitchen. The base units are not a problem, they are generic sizes usually, but matching door styles could be pricey, especially if you need bespoke work to be done.

4 – Under budgeting. Kitchen installations are the most complex in the home and although you are buying a previously working kitchen, there are many elements that may not be reusable or may need customising. The unexpected extras could take you by surprise, if you don’t have a healthy contingency put aside.

Downside of selling a second hand kitchen

Tight trade If you sell to a specialist kitchen reclaim company, they offer convenience in that they can act quickly, and get your old kitchen out when you need it gone, pay you and be off. Convenience may come at a price, though. Weigh it all up, and the more upmarket the second hand kitchen, the further you should be ahead, and by recycling, you won’t have added to the local landfill.

Fickle public If you put your kitchen up for sale privately in the classifieds or on eBay, you are at the mercy of the public. By that I mean, is anyone actually looking for a second hand kitchen where you are advertising it? (It’s not a well known pastime!) If there are interested parties, are those buyers in a position to come and take your kitchen away when you want them to?

If you have a big garage, you can wait it out for the right buyer, but you might be waiting a long time – unless…

The Traditional Painter way to buy or sell second hand kitchens

Homeowners who are removing their wooden kitchen, or homeowners looking for a second hand kitchen to install, you are invited to the Traditional Painter Second hand Kitchen mart

Write up the details/ photos and advertise the link to send friends or family or followers on FaceBook, Twitter, local clubs to read about it.

Traditional Painter site is a very busy online destination for folks interested in all aspects of custom wooden painted kitchens. Compared to dull directory style classifieds, or GumTree or eBay equivalents, there is a lot of relevant information and independent professional advice on offer here, so where better for likeminded trade buyers and other homeowners to mingle!

Members of the public pay us no fees for listing or final value fees for buying or selling a second hand kitchen.

Trade / kitchen company owners, please enquire about listing your kitchens.

See you over at the Second hand kitchen mart for public or trade.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask on the forum and we will endeavour to help.

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Traditional Painter is an invitation-only, nationwide network of independent businesses, with years of professional experience. Every member of our team guarantees a showroom-quality, hand painted finish for your kitchen, with exceptional customer service at every stage.

Our transparent pricing structure ensures unwavering quality and service for kitchens of every style or size.

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