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Review of Traditional Painter website by Darren Slaughter

Listed under Blog, Marketing Posted Mar 14 2012

In April 2011 I commissioned a website review by Darren Slaughter, a US-based marketing adviser to building and building-related companies. To say that his review was insightful and helpful is an understatement.

Update By February 2012, the site was attracting 26000 page views a month, (in April 2011) at the time of Darren’s website review, it was attracting 9000 page views. A year later, it now has 65000 page views a month. there or thereabouts.

He submitted a video review of over an hour, (see below), where he literally visited every main page on my site and critiqued them. Far from boring him to death, he seemed quite impressed by the content and information I am sharing. However, with his business hat on, he immediately pinpointed several glaring errors in the format and most importantly, drew my attention to the lack of contact info on most pages of the site.

Post website review

So I spent the next few weeks morphing the original website into a leaner and more direct home for my decorating services . Some of the changes he suggested may be of use, if you have a website that needs help:

1 – A call to action at the bottom of every page.

2 – A compact sidebar navigation with emphasis on customer service and testimonials.

3 – A picture gallery (eg Flickr) that doesn’t take readers away from your site.

4 – Remove comments on services information pages.

No reduction in quality of content, no pushy pop-ups, just more focus on the job of a website – to inform and attract readers and build up a client base.

Call to action!

If you are in painting and decorating and construction and have a website that could do with some help, I highly recommend contacting Darren about a website review.

Below is the video review (See direct on Youtube if you have difficulty watching here.).

Maybe the video will be of help to you, if you have a website. He kept me up to speed with progress and indirectly delivered far more than I was expecting – 26000 page views, 9700 unique visitors, and each visitor staying longer than ever before. A year on 27000 visitors a month. Internet eyes opened for $199. What’s not to like!

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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