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Painted kitchen in Shipston-on-Stour Warwickshire

Listed under Blog, hand-painted kitchen, Ron Taylor Posted Aug 28 2019

Ron Taylor, Traditional Painter member for Warwickshire, explains the process on this painted kitchen in Shipston-on-Stour Warwickshire which he refurbished.

Refurbished painted kitchen in Shipston-on-Stour Warwickshire
Refurbished painted kitchen in Shipston-on-Stour Warwickshire: Worktops, tiling, appliances, dining table, chairs and flooring, all are now popping thanks to the newly painted cabinets. You can see them all.

Take it away, Ron

The client wanted a sprayed finish on their cabinets. In my experience the best way to deliver that, is to hand paint the frames and spray paint the rest. You can almost see the thought bubble rising – won’t there be brush marks? As a hand painting specialist who can spray very well, there is no problem delivering a lovely smooth finish. It has taken me a lot of years to get this system down to a tee, but that’s what I believe I have done. Working with Traditional Painter Scot Hindley in Cheshire will do that to a kitchen painter!

Preparation on painted kitchen in Shipston-on-Stour Warwickshire

Firstly the doors were removed and taken to our workshop. This approach makes the job much less disruptive for the client, and we can do the bulk of the work in a controlled environment.

The preparation process for the doors is exactly the same as the frames.

We thoroughly degrease every square inch or millimetre. Unfortunately, no working kitchen is immune to grease particles. Therefore we take no chances and treat all kitchens the same, applying less or more elbow grease, depending.

Here is a good summary from Lee Simone in Yorkshire about cleaning products for decorators. Other degreasers may be available, such is the speed of change in the market. Bear in mind that many eco cleaners are citrus based, and in their neat form are great for etching surfaces. This is what we mean by the term liquid sanding. Therefore always read the instructions about dilution in order to avoid a more aggressive clean than you might want.

All surfaces are sanded to ensure a reliable key for the primer base coats. We leave no stone unturned at this vital stage. There is always much work to do before any lids are popped off paint tins.

Protecting the kitchen from rogue paint

After cleaning down and sanding I applied Kip masking tape to the inside of the frames. I then brushed a coat of high adhesion primer, Zinsser Cover Stain, to the facing edges of the frames only. This was followed by 3 coats of water-borne Benjamin Moore Scuff-X Eggshell in Mascarpone. This system is very reliable and user friendly with a relatively small quantity of oil paint (the primer) required.

kitchen cabinet frames painted ready
The orange-brown strips inside the frame is the Kip masking tape

I brushed these edges to a finish so I could mask the entire units in one rather than individually.

Refurbished painted kitchen in Shipston-on-Stour Warwickshire
Goodbye brown, hello Mascarpone

Time for spraying

For demonstration purposes I can spray a clean line with a spray gun. However, in the real world of kitchen painting, I mask everything carefully first.

Unipro film on a painted kitchen
Unipro masking film is one of many easy use static charged masking films on the market. Check out 3M, Trimaco and more

With the kitchen masked we spray applied one coat of Insl-X Stix primer to all the non- painted kitchen frames. By that I mean open shelving, end panels, cooker head etc.

Stix is a high adhesion water based primer that sprays extremely well.

Insl-X Stix adhesion primer
The Stix primer adheres very will but won’t stop tannins so we always keep an aerosol of Cover Stain handy if any staining shows through

The sprayer used for painting the kitchen, as with all our paintwork, is a Tecnover TR4000P diaphragm airless. We’ve found the diaphragm pump offers more control when stopping and starting and gives a nice consistent flow. (Check out www.tecnover.com )

The finishing stage

After a light sand the following day, we started to spray apply the first of 3 coats of Benjamin Moore Scuff-X. It takes 2 days. The paint is soon touch dry and ready for reassembling the kitchen. We removed the masking tape and refitted the doors which we had already painted in the meantime back in the workshop.

The client asked us to decorate the kitchen too: walls received 2 coats of Benjamin Moore Regal Matte Fernwood Green.

spray painted kitchen by Ron Taylor Traditional Painter for Warwickshire

It doesn’t seem to matter how many before and after photos of kitchens our clients have studied, the end result is always a pleasant surprise. It seems that most homeowners can never quite visualise just how big the transformation is going to be on their own kitchen. That is the only theory that seems to explain the general response at hand over time – I never thought it would look that good!

As an idea of how I work, check out this video demonstration on a spray painted kitchen I did in Warwickshire.

Benjamin Moore paints

Have you never heard of Benjamin Moore paints? This is a full account of the performance we have been experiencing with Scuff-X. Several other Traditional Painter members also tend to specify BM paints these days on kitchens eg. Mark Roberts in Cheshire and Neil Callender in Hampshire,

What’s next?

If you are interested in updating your wooden or laminate kitchen without the expense of new, here are other kitchens in Warwickshire I have painted. You can contact me direct or via this site.

The best way forward is to send me some photos of each section of your kitchen, including any details such as proposed modifications if any. I can usually work out an accurate free quote from good photos. However if I need to clarify anything I will get back to you promptly. If my proposal is in your budget, we can take it from there. Thanks for reading.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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