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Refurbish Mark Wilkinson oak kitchen – days 3,4 and 5. Oxfordshire – Traditional Painter Tel:01604 767506

Listed under Blog, Darren Osborne, hand-painted kitchen, tikkurila Posted Feb 26 2014

This is the 3rd, 4th and 5th days of Darren Osborne project: a 20 year old Mark Wilkinson oak kitchen refurbished and painted.

Up dated 2022

mark wilkinson oak kitchenOnce the preparation has been completed on the kitchen units, it’s the pleasant task of applying the layers of paint or coatings.

What’s the difference, you may say, between a paint and a coating?

Paint, coating, coating, paint?

Wikipedia says: A coating is a covering that is applied to the substrate. The purpose of applying the coating may be decorative, functional, or both. A paint is considered any liquid… that, after application to a substrate in a thin layer, converts to a solid film.

In our kitchen world, paint is mainly decorative and sanitary. A coating is normally manufactured with a specific task i.e. to insulate, or possibly to protect or be fire retardant, to name but three. With 500ft electric pylons, the coatings used do indeed have a very specific task.

Finnish paints and coatings

The kitchen paints and coatings that Tikkurila produce are in my mind superb. The adhesion, flow, obliteration and colours, are to name but a few of the great qualities they possess. Produced in a country where temperatures range from -35 in the winter to + 30 in the summer, cost isn’t a major consideration, because the paints and coatings manufactured have to perform, and they certainly do.

Personally I would advise any person to shy away from fairly large plastic tubs of paint offered at ridiculously cheap prices in big stores. It’s not worth bothering with, in my opinion.

Anyway moving on to the sublime.

Otex high build adhesion primer is applied, two coats.

tikkurila otex on oak

Followed by one coat of Tikkurila Empire, oil based eggshell paint. One Empire is almost equal to two coats of waterborne paint.

Paint applicators

The paint is applied with a small flock roller and laid off with a Royal & Langnickel 3 inch laying off brush, and the result is very pleasing indeed. I also have a selection of brushes to tackle difficult-to-reach areas and intricate mouldings. On a kitchen with many different substrates I need paints that can adhere and cover beautifully, bringing the finish into “one”.

On new installations of bare wood, I would use Tikkurila Feelings. The finish that can be achieved with this is outstanding. However, the choice of Otex & Empire will cover virtually any problem surface I come up against, without question.

As you can tell, refurbishing kitchens is not nearly as straightforward as painting new ones, or re-painting a kitchen that was well done first time round. We undertake all three types of project regularly, but there is nothing quite like the customer’s reaction to seeing a 20 year old oak kitchen transformed.

Tikkurila Empire

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Here are a couple of photos of Darrens latest up to date work completed for Traditional Painter.

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