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Proform Picasso – the full range

Listed under Blog, brushes, mypaintbrush.co.uk Posted Dec 21 2012

Here is a graphic providing an indepth look at the full range of Proform Picasso paint brushes. It is a highly recommended favourite for emulsioning. It has a huge capacity for holding paint, yet holds its shape, so you can paint a precise clear cut line – a very long line. American brush technology at its best.

Proform Picasso full range

Proform Picasso range

In my experience, yes the Hardline design makes the Picasso a very very robust brush, but the life of the brush is limited by the bristles, which will wear down in a couple of months of regular trade use. Not a problem, because you get a phenomenal amount of work accomplished, but despite it construction, it is not a brush for a lifetime of use on site. Sporadic DIY users need not worry, just enjoy and clean after use!

Talking of cleaning, all paint brushes need cleaning out at some point, especially if used in water based paint. Hands up who has shaken their brush for ages, started painting with their “dry” brush, then watched a trickle of painty water run out the stock of the brush, down the handle and down your sleeve?! The Picasso’s clever design saves you from this annoyance. As long as you flick the water out the bristles, there will be no pesky dribble from the stock when you start painting, purely because water cannot get into the stock in the first place.

The whole Proform Picasso range is available in UK from My Paint Brush.

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2 comments to “Proform Picasso – the full range”

  1. Russell

    First of all I would like to say what a great website you have and look forward to recieving the daily e mails that I have recieved over the last year, I have tried many of the techniques and products that you use on tradional painter e.g. wooster brushes and rollers,olfa knifes, proform picasso brushes, etc, by trying new products and practises the quality of finish and speed of work has greatly improved which has resulted in better customer service and more recomndations. The proform picasso I have found is a great brush to use and has resulted in faster cutting in and a better overall finish, but I have had some quality issues, the first brush I purchased started to lose bristles after being used a few times and was replaced free of charge, the replacment brush I have now used half a dozen times and when cleaning in cold water has started to lose bristles, not sure if I have been unlucky and recieved them from a faulty batch or whether there may be a quality issue? Merry xmas and all the best for the new year

  2. Andy Crichton Andy Crichton

    Hi Russell, appreciate the kind words, if I could have written what the aim of this site is, I couldn’t have come up with anything better than what you just wrote!

    Not many people invest in hard times, but those that do so wisely, do alright in the end. With the Wooster roller system, it does simplify and improve your workflow etc

    I hope your concerns about the Picasso build quality are addressed. As you pointed out My Paint Brush don’t duck complaints and sorted out one replacement already, and it isn’t commonplace to fail, so let us know how you get on.


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