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Painting and Decorating Show 2013 Product Roundup

Listed under Associates, Axus, Blog, brushes, cleaning, hildering, James Hewson Posted Feb 05 2014

Back in November 2013, Traditional Painter’s approved kitchen painter in Devon, James Hewson, hot-footed it up from Exeter with his apprentice to Coventry for the annual Painting and Decorating Show.

While they were there they picked up various new decorating products that were used on some live decorating jobs for a few months. Below is a summary of what they think of some of them so far.

Adorn Absorbent Dust sheets

adorn absorbent sheet Initially I did not like the look of them, not entirely sure why. I guess they looked more like removals sheets than professional decorating ones?

Once I had got over this! and started using the sheet, I realised it was far superior to what I am currently using and I now need several more. They are 300gsm and are made from recycled material.

More recently we have been cutting our larger sheets in half for use around wall edges and hallways etc, as most of the time a full size sheet was not practical (unless working in a completely empty room).

Adorn absorbent sheet

The Adorn sheet is already cut to 1 metre widths and sits on the floor very flat and easy.

Minimal effort required to get it in position, and no trip hazards, as it is not prone to bunching up like other sheets.

They are plastic backed (which we always use) and have about 5mm thickness, which is noticeable when you kneel down, making them more comfortable to work on than alternative sheeting options.

Also because they sit so flat, they can be hoovered much more easily than conventional cotton sheets. So an all-round thumbs up from Fresh!

Looking at the Adorn catalogue they are available as a 10 metre roll, which would be very handy for cutting to various useful sizes.

Hildering Store and Go XL

store and go We have been a bit late on trying this system, so picked up the XL version at the show.

The XL holds 16-24 brushes inside a tall metal tin and doubles up as a seat.

If you are not familiar with the system it uses a gel whereby you can suspend water or oil based brushes side by side.

The colours / products on the brushes do not cross contaminate and the bristles are also conditioned while in the gel.

The brushes can be suspended over several weeks or months, perfect for longer decorating projects and / or products you use regularly. That’s the line, and how did we find it?

Screen shot 2014-02-04 at 22.29.56

We have used one solidly for 2 and a half months and have to say we have been impressed with the gel. We have had oil based Coverstain brushes next to emulsion ones, black oil eggshell next to white acrylic and various emulsion colours side by side. Up to now we have noticed no issues using brushes after being in the gel.

Replacement gel – The gel is now at the point of needing replacement, as the level has dropped and due to the volume of use, there is a lot of paint sitting in it. This will cost approximately £30 to refill this unit.

Pros – Given the amount of time saved and the ongoing condition of our brushes, this is a worthwhile investment for us.

Just prior to the Christmas break the XL (or GO as we call it) was full, all the brushes were removed and cleaned. This took all in all probably 15 minutes max to do more than 20 brushes.

On the flip side I think the design could do with some tweaking to aid the overall use.

– The clips can be awkward to get brushes into and will pull out in twos when you remove a brush. This is due to the way you assemble the unit and could possibly be fixed with superglue, however it would be better if fixed securely when manufactured.

– There also seems to be quite a lot of wasted space inside the XL as it only has one layer of storage. For its size, I was expecting two.

– At its present height it would be difficult to add an extra layer if using long handled brushes. Perhaps the seat function was given too much attention? when in fact it would have been more beneficial to allow for two layers, by making the unit higher. One layer could have the Clean and Go system (reviewed by fellow TP’er Matt Evans) and the other a Store and Go? Presently we have used magnetic brush clips and small powerful magnets in the upper half to suspend clean brushes or mini rollers in sandwich bags.

Overall a great system and wouldn’t be without it, but looking forward to mark II, which may be arriving this year apparently.

Corona Brushes

I purchased a small set of these brushes after hearing many good reports leading up to the show. We picked up a Cody, Kingston, Knight and Comet.

2” Cody Red-Gold Nylon/Polyester

This has got a lot of use over the last few weeks and has definitely become a firm favourite. Initially seemed a bit awkward due to the fatter stock, however this was only due to having used a lot of thinner long handled brushes recently. Two things were immediately apparent when using with Dulux Diamond Eggshell, the even coverage when applying the paint and the ability to get a fine finish with minimal brush marks. It picks up a good volume of paint and releases evenly. The filaments have flagged tips to replicate natural bristles.

1” Corona Comet Performance Chinex Oval Sash

Until using this, I was personally not a fan of sash brushes, at least not the ones I had tried. They never seemed to be either accurate enough or hold enough paint to make them efficient. When using the Comet it was a different story and can only be described as a pleasure to use. It gave a sharp cut, even finish and good release. My apprentice was flying through some casement windows the first few days we used it. It’s been a great addition to painting panel doors and spindles. Note to self – must buy more.

The Kingston and Knight were both 2” and have only been used on one a furniture painting project using LG Oil Eggshell, both performed well leaving little or no brush marks. Also worth mentioning is that the above brushes cleaned up well (after being in the GO gel for a few weeks) and have maintained their shape and quality up to now. Unfortunately it now means having to try (their rather extensive) range which will no doubt start replacing some of our other brushes.

Axus Tack Cloths

One of these came in the show bag for free and we have since ordered * more from MyPaintbrush

Axus tack clothDespite all the dustless sanding techniques we adopt, you still need to use a tack cloth of some sort.

Up to now we have used either Brewers or Prodec ones bought in bulk, so longevity was not a consideration. However, having used these they do perform significantly better, they have a higher tack and remain tacky for longer, even if left out of the bag for a couple of days (should blame my apprentice here, but it is normally me). They have a bigger surface area too, so you are getting more cloth and more tack for your buck – not much more you can say really!

See what next year’s Show brings?

With the level of workmanship expected, James needs tools and sundries to perform well for the long term, or they don’t get used again.

James specialises in kitchen and furniture painting, but he is happy to answer any questions about the above kit, or if you have used these products and have any feedback, please add a comment.

Also over on the forum you can have a look through assorted sundries and ask a question or add feedback there.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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3 comments to “Painting and Decorating Show 2013 Product Roundup”

  1. Lesley Anne Kinney

    Adorn dust sheets are great. I bought one in B&Q out of curiousity. They were selling them cheap and when I realised how great they were I went back for more. Unfortunately, there was none left!!!

  2. Andy Crichton

    There were 3 other products at B&Q worth buying a couple of years ago, I wonder if they are still there.

  3. Fresh

    That’s a shame I didnt see them there Lesley, need to get my hands on some more – think Mypaintbrush should have some in soon though

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