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Piano painting East Anglia – Great Balls of Fire

Listed under Blog, hand-painted furniture, musical instruments, Richard Willott Posted Jan 10 2019

Like most kitchen painters, Richard Willott has been known to listen occasionally to music while he works. In this article, Piano painting East Anglia, Richard airs his musical painting knowledge to anyone who will listen. The finale is a faithful rendition of the classic, Great Balls of Fire.

For my next symphony – Piano painting East Anglia

This particular project finds us deep in the Cambridgeshire countryside, where I get to practice my musical brushstrokes.

I was contacted a few months go and asked if I could hand paint the client’s piano.

unpainted piano Cambridge

Whilst this was going to be a first for me, several of my Traditional Painter colleagues have already undertaken this musical journey.

Once I had composed myself, I made a quick call to the TP orchestra to check on any bum notes which might occur. Martin Guest in particular has painted several pianos, including this grand piano.

painted grand piano Midlands

Martin has been compiling a fine opus aka definitive reference on how to hand paint a piano. One suggested title is “How to Paint Unhinged.”

Prepare and paint the piano

I got into the rhythm and dismantled all the removable items before applying masking tape and protective lining paper over the sensitive parts. With a tap of my magic baton, I set about sanding and repairing the old cracked veneers.

unpainted piano Cambridge

Once I had suitably keyed every note, crochet and quaver, I applied a couple of coats of adhesion primer. I sanded it smooth and then followed with an undercoat-primer. When this had dried, I hand brushed the final top two coats with a musical flourish.

The piano was then reassembled, I stepped back and took the forthcoming applause.

painted piano Cambridge

I thank you!

Great Balls of Fire

Painting a piano makes no sense to many, but a lot of sense to some!

Traditional Painter members have hand painted a good number of pianos to date. One was even sprayed! If you are in the Midlands, E Anglia, or Warwickshire you may well be playing one of them!

We acknowledge that the numbers don’t always add up, but our service has proven to be a great option for some. For instance, a client had an heirloom upright piano and would never have dreamt of selling it, but they wanted to breathe new life into it. Another client was dismayed to learn that their dream of buying a new white grand piano would cost them many thousands. So they had their existing grand piano painted white for a fraction of the price. Read all about our piano painting service.

The answer to one question is, No, as far as we are aware, painting does not affect the tuning. Re-tuning a piano already out of sorts? now that’s a different ball game, and not one we play.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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