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painted kitchen in Rhyl

Listed under Blog, hand-painted kitchen, mark-roberts Posted Jan 13 2019

Mark Roberts is the Traditional Painter specialist covering N Wales and Chester. He had an unusual request last year for a painted kitchen in Rhyl. The kitchen was in a caravan on the sunny N Wales coast.

When they said caravan, it was more 1959 Nashua Rockford Files than a Go Pod. The static home was very well equipped with all the mod cons, including a fully fitted kitchen and lounge area. This is the end result.

painted caravan in Rhyl

Before painting

Mark Roberts has painted all manner of difficult surfaces. The foil wrap kitchen cabinets and lounge units are really smooth and to the untrained eye seem quite problematic to paint.

the caravan interior in Rhyl before work started

However, once primed with the right adhesion primer, you can paint the surface as you wish in eggshell or gloss.

painted kitchen in Rhyl

Rest easy A lot of clever paint chemists have provided excellent surface priming solutions for years. I can remember back in the 90’s being asked to paint laminate wardrobe doors. The answer then was Dulux Supergrip primer.

For Traditional Painters refurbishing older wooden and laminate kitchens, “Can you paint this?” is still asked too, but less so, as our body of work over the last 10 years spreads online.

As part of our contribution to help raise the bar in our profession, we also explain to keen DIY and trade how to paint kitchens themselves, and offer solutions to assorted practical decorating problems over on our forum.

The short story of this painted kitchen in Rhyl

Clean down all surfaces, mask up, prime and paint with furniture grade waterborne enamel.

The trade-side story of this painted kitchen in Rhyl

A lot of thought, patience and skill goes into painting professionally to a very high standard. This is a taste of what Mark and his colleagues consider when specifying and carrying out a job.

Clean all surfaces with an eco decorating degreaser.

Modern cleaners clean and leave an etched surface, ideal for subsequent coats. Some products like Grax have a neutral PH, so unlike olde worlde sugar soap, you don’t need to rinse the cleaner off the surface. Of course, if there is a scuzzy residue, that needs to be dealt with, else you will have a bitty surface. A quick option is to wipe thoroughly with a knotty terry (nappy) towel.

Prime with Benjamin Moore Stix adhesion primer.

The clue here is in the name Stix. It certainly will stick to impervious surfaces.

Paint companies have developed different primers to address different problems and primer selection has evolved into an important skill for decorators.

In general, for new timber, laminate, metal or previously painted surfaces, waterborne low odour adhesion primers will stick just as well as oil-based adhesion primers. But oil-based adhesion primers have more body, so are a better choice for priming uneven surfaces.

(This article explains a complete waterborne system proven for rough paintwork. The emphasis is on using fillers and heavy body acrylic gesso to create a super flat surface, rather than relying on “skinny” waterborne primers to build up the layers.)

Worried about stains bleeding through?

Where there is (potential) staining from knots or nicotine, two coats of a shellac based primer like BIN or Isofix is still the best belt and braces option. There are waterbased stain blockers, but you have to understand that the first coat will only lock in the stain once it has sufficiently cured. In other words, if you apply the all-important second coat too soon, the stain can be reactivated. So in this case, water-based paint is not the fastest drying option.

Quick tip

If possible seek out primer, undercoats and top coats from the same company. Mixing and matching brands may well be fine, till the day it isn’t and you will likely have nobody from any of those brands willing to deal with your complaint.

– Finish with Benjamin Moore Advance Satin in Chantilly Lace

Benjamin Moore Advance is a hybrid paint from the USA, and its popularity is gathering momentum in the UK. There is also a very tough furniture painting product from Benjamin Moore called Scuff-X, read all about that here.

Painting composite walls

Mark was also asked to decorate the walls. As there is no plasterboard in sight, he approached the painting of the composite panels in a similar way to the laminate units. The first coat was Stix adhesion primer, to make sure the subsequent wall paint had a secure base. The wall paint was Benjamin Moore’s Durable Matt.

There you are, a full transformation of a small space that will fare well for years of regular use.

painted caravan in Rhyl

the interior of the caravan

Wear and tear

I emphasised regular wear and tear purely because of the escalation of expectations of paint durability. In trade circles it often sounds as if modern paintwork should be able to survive being hit with hammers, otherwise it is not durable! Scrape a diamond ring across glass you will likely leave a mark, so expect similar on paintwork. However, you should expect well prepared and suitably primed surfaces to resist a hefty hit under normal use.

If you are in the N Wales or Chester / Wirral area and have a tricky painting project, feel free to contact Mark and he will steer you straight. His profile page lays out his contact info, gives you an insight into previous kitchen and furniture painting, and client testimonials. You can also contact him direct via his website.

For more information on painting vinyl or laminate kitchens check out this article by Richard Willott in E Anglia. It is about a vinyl wrap kitchen in Belton

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