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Painted kitchen cabinet with a clock

Listed under Blog, hand-painted furniture, Mark Nash, musical instruments Posted Oct 02 2020

This horological post is about Mark Nash customising a painted kitchen cabinet with a clock. It was a complementary finishing touch to a hand painted kitchen he transformed recently. And is a continuation of a theme on Traditional Painter about painted furniture with a difference.

painted furniture complete with clock

A clock would be nice!

Mark covers the M4 corridor into W London hand painting kitchens and furniture all day every day.

This particular kitchen started life painted blue, it was a well-made kitchen, but needed some more life in it.

As Mark explained,

“The kitchen was installed 15 years ago and the lady of the house mentioned a clock. She commented, some Roman numerals would be nice.

The rest is history”

Mark has a few artisanal tricks up his sleeve, from traditional book-binding to furniture restoration. He was therefore not fazed by the client’s hopeful mention of custom fitting a clock with roman numerals.

A wall clock installed in a painted kitchen cabinet makes such a difference.

Every room needs a focal point. In a kitchen it is usually a big stove or over-mantle that is front and centre and captures your eye. Mark used his horology skills, fitting the motor & clock face.

Painted furniture with roman numerals clock
The clients were thrilled with the elegant and new centre of attention.
Roman numerals clock in painted cabinet
The clock looks like it grew there.

Traditional Painter, go the extra mile. Thanks for reading this article on a Painted kitchen cabinet with a clock. If any of the skills and services mentioned have captured your attention, please get in touch.

While you are here, from clocks to pianos

Of late we have noticed a marked increase in interest in our piano painting service. Traditional Painters from Worcester and Birmingham, Kenilworth, Norfolk and Essex have painted several upright pianos as well as a grand piano, no less.

painted grand piano Midlands
Martin Guest is Traditional Painter’s piano painting consultant. He worked out the best way to handle, prepare and paint pianos large and small in situ. As kitchen painters we can understand it is a big decision to hand over valuable wooden installations and furniture to someone to paint. Rest assured no stone is left unturned to make sure your piano is painted right, from dustless sanding to careful dis-assembly and reassembly.

Prices range from £750 to £850 for an upright or around £1400 for a grand piano. Prices are dependent on the condition of the piano and whether you have a piano stool to paint. Upfront you can expect a fixed price allowing for thorough preparation and a showroom quality paint finish. Best of all, you can personalise one of the most spectacular pieces of wooden furniture in your house, selecting any colour you like!

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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