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Paint uPVC windows with Dulux Weathershield Quick Dry Satin

Listed under Blog, cleaning, Painting, preparation Posted Jul 26 2013

A lot of good info came out as the result of a question asked by a homeowner about how to paint uPVC windows with Dulux Weathershield Quick Dry Satin.

(Homeowner emails…) 2-3 Years ago I bought a tin of the above paint with the intention of using it on some white UPVC windows, with International UPVC primer as a base coat.

Before starting, I was overcome by fear about what I was going to do, potentially was I going to ruin the windows, and then laziness set in, resulting in the paint still being in the unopened tin. But now, with spring round the corner, I am determined to have a go.

Could you please advise me whether the Dulux paint is suitable for the job, and if it isn’t, what would be? Also, would it now be usable, or past its sell-by date?

Many thanks for your advice. I’m sure it will be most helpful and give me the impetus I need to get on with the job.

Kind regards…

Response to question about Dulux Weathershield QD

In short, it is not the right paint for uPVC windows!

Otex high adhesion primer will stick to a cleaned pvcu surface. Mythic Primer too has had good reports.

Sell-by-dates of water-based paints

Paul Hague, tech support at Holmans Specialist Paints gave a full answer to this in a recent TP newsletter article. (Subscribe for future updates) In essence, consider 12 months as the regular shelf life of water based paint.


KrudKutter Original has long been the go-to cleaner for most of the Traditional Painters. Citrus-based, it cuts through grime, removes wax… but now it is case of Krudkutter works, if you can find it. It appears to have been taken over as a company and taken out the UK for now.

There is a very good replacement called Pro Clean from Dutch firm, Fluxaf. It has been available in the UK for a few years now, recently rebranded and has excellent user friendly credentials. Coming in concentrate form means it is very economical, and flexible as it can be diluted (or not) and used in a wide variety of circumstances, for instance, as a …

Gloss Off

In Simple-ville, strong degreasers double as “liquid sander” thoroughly cleaning and providing a key on smooth surfaces.

A readily available alternative is Owatrol’s tried and tested ESP wipe on wipe off cleaner and primer for plastic, laminate, anything really.

Have you had success paint uPVC windows? What was the specification?

PVC Windows kill

BTW – did you know that Canadian PVC windows kill !!!!! I don’t know if it is a made-up stat or not – 22m Canadian birds a year splatter themselves hitting glass windows? Something for painters to bear in mind when specifying paint. (The higher the sheen of paint, the easier it is to wipe clean. )

Here’s an OTT decorative solution for keeping birds away from glass windows in the first place.

Whatever happened to a dangling CD?


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8 comments to “Paint uPVC windows with Dulux Weathershield Quick Dry Satin”

  1. Charles Budd

    The Mythic exterior satin does the job, but it doesn’t give a satin finish – in fact it has been renamed ‘Low Lustre’ with (satin) in brackets so people know what it used to be called! Although it adheres well (especially on top of Mythic’s excellent Multi Purpose Primer), and is wipe clean, it does mark easily – and is closer to an eggshell in my opinion.

  2. mukesh agarwal

    Dear Sir, upvc white colour windows,if we want to change to wood finish,what application of paints are required for that,please let me know,
    mukedh agarwa

  3. steve herbert

    i have primed upvc sills,what do i use as a top coat,this is exterior sills,i probably want a satin type finish.


  4. Mr R Taylor

    I am looking for a paint which can be used (with good results)
    on exterior upvc windows. We are in process of selling our house and would like to improve one bedroom window on the outside. The colour is a Mohogany shade.

  5. Shanice

    Which primer would be best for PVC front door

  6. Mrs. Pamela Hallam

    I have a white UPVC bathroom window I have to change to wood finish what kind of paint would I need. Thanking you

  7. Mary Chandler

    I am about to paint my white pvc front door black.I am using Colourtrend acrylic primer which is recommended for this job.Then Colourtrend black satin on top.Can you please advise me as I am a bit apprehensive about this. Thank you.

  8. Avatar photo Andy Crichton

    If you are apprehensive, or using something for the first time and aren’t convinced by the theory, do a test area first to satisfy yourself you are on the right track. This philosophy applies whether you are a novice or experienced professional.

    I havent used Colortrend in this situation, but they specify good products. The only thing I can really think of to ask, is if they can tint the primer as dark as possible so if there were a scratch the colour difference won’t make the scratch so obvious.

    Any pros reading this, you might want to check out the superduper pvc paint system from Kolorbond. But don’t underestimate the importance of preparation, particularly where any rubber or silicone is concerned.

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