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Paint problems from the Paint Quality Institute

Listed under Blog, paint, Painting Posted Oct 02 2008

When I wrote this in Oct 2008, I wanted to call this, “When painting goes horribly wrong!” but on reflection I went for  “Paint problems from the Paint Quality Institute”.

Rather than re-invent the wheel, I referred readers to an excellent compendium of paint problems from the Paint Quality Institute. You had a photo of the problem, a description, and most importantly, a solution. Enjoy.

Paint Quality Institute Update 2020

Anyone who has painted for a living, will have made countless mistakes over the years, (and tried not to repeat them). Ditto keen DIY decorators who have knocked a few rooms or houses into shape.

Traditional Painter members will tell you that experience and expertise boils down to a series of box ticking. Fortunately as time goes on, the more boxes you tick, and hopefully the wrinkling, peeling and failing paint issues diminish. Any problems eventually come under the dreaded heading of unforeseen. If they seem inexplicable, turn to the Paint Quality Institute. Oh.

After nearly 30 years, the Paint Quality Institute has decided to hang up its paintbrush.

Formed in 1989 to educate paint consumers and contractors on the value of using high-quality, 100 percent acrylic paints, over the years PQI became a trusted resource as an expert on cutting-edge trends, decorative techniques and innovative technology.

Dow Chemicals

Who knew the Paint Quality Institute was the voice of Dow Corning? Back in the naive days, I must have missed the small print. Rather like we missed the small print on health websites owned by Big Pharma. Or kids games sites owned by Kids R Us.

Dead sites and silos

I am quite old school about the internet. I have never forgotten that it is a global and free open source tool. It has enabled anyone to communicate, and to compile Mankind’s group knowledge for anyone to access freely. In other words, nobody can own the internet and anybody anywhere should be able to use it and add their pennyworth to its value.

Initially the internet was a series of university and some government and large business websites. Then along came blogs and ecommerce. The spirit of the internet was alive and well and developing in line with the ethos of the founder of the internet, Tim Berners-Lee and his CERN colleagues. Gradually though, this noble intent has been undermined.

Site deaths are when sites go offline, taking content and permalinks with them, and breaking the web accordingly. Site deaths are one of the big reasons why you should own your own identity and content on the web.

Indie Web


Well resourced online social media companies have attracted millions of followers with the lure of FREE. They encourage members to upload info. The company then mines all and every piece of personal data they can accumulate, and sell it to advertisers. Think Google, Yahoo, FaceBook, Ask Jeeves, and many Q&A sites, Zoom, newsletter software providers. It’s the business model of the day. Within a short time, the accumulated info owned by sites is vast, and may even be useful. What’s the problem?

When Silos become dead sites

At its peak over 25% of all info uploaded to the internet went into FaceBook, locked down and accessible only to members. History says that when the company folds, or loses interest, all that info in that silo will be lost to everyone. MySpace who?

The Paint Quality Institute was a privately compiled resource, hardly a social media silo. However they took down all their info, no longer accessible to people who need it. Is it lost forever?

WayBack Machine

Wayback machine or Internet Archive

There are smart and well resourced people who foresee trends. The people behind the non-profit Internet Archive have been archiving millions of websites for future generations. They archived the Paint Quality Institute a few times. This is the site in March 2015.

Paint Quality Institute archived 2015

Never fear, online resources for identifying paint issues are abundant

An online search will bring up countless answers to laser targeted questions. If you don’t want your privacy compromised simply for asking, use search engines like DuckDuckGo.

As a provider of answers on the Traditional Painter forum, I think the trick is to be very precise but expansive. Often times, one liner answers can provide just enough info to make the reader dangerous! Without context, Rub down smooth, if taken too literally can result in a destroyed substrate. Apply a full coat can end up with runs and sags if you don’t know what the full coat feels like.

Back to the top, the more you do, the easier it is to learn and progress.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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