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Paint, food and drink

Listed under Blog Posted Oct 02 2008

Drinking paint?

An apprentice at college over-stretched to reach a gallon of oil-based Buckingham Green gloss paint on the top shelf of an 8-feet high cupboard. The can tipped and fell upside down, emptying its contents over the apprentice’s head. Luckily it didn’t brain him, just drenched from head to toe. Eeryone was laughing light drains, except the superviser. He wanted to laugh too, but realised that it was actually quite dangerous, if the green painter swallowed the paint.

The lad broke with tradition and actually kept his mouth shut for once and survived unscathed, while he was doused down with turps. One way to get off home early.

Paint and alcohol

Maybe unfairly! but in my experience, painters in the US have a reputation for drinking on the job. This explains why it is an unfair claim! Personally I have never met so many characters as on a US building site, but that is just anecdotal.

In the UK, painters like a drink too, but the first time you worked drunk on site would be your last. Health and Safety can be a terrible bore at times.

Paint and milk

Painters back in the day used to drink milk as a matter of course. This was not to line their stomach prior to a drinking binge, but to coat their stomachs as protection against lead paint fumes. If you want a perspective on how tough life was for painters of olde, read the Ragged Trousered Philanthropist. Lead was the least of their problems.

Painters and filling food

Painters like their breaks, especially if there is food involved. Bananas are good for boosting ebbing energy reserves. A contractor boasted that he’d gone in for a banana-eating competition and won – but ended up off work for 3 months with potassium poisoning. Apparently 30 bananas will do that to a man!

I was working on a site where a night watchman was suspected of eating left-over sandwiches and food, once everyone had gone home. One charming painter left him a couple of delicious beef and Polyfilla sandwiches to savour. Very filling.

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