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Paint colours for kitchen cabinets

Listed under Blog, colour advice, paint Posted Oct 01 2020

Traditional Painter members were recently discussing paint colours for kitchen cabinets – again! Picking a colour can often be the biggest headache for our clients. It has to be right, it’s the kitchen, the most used room in the house.

pick a colour any colour

Matching doors to tiles, walls, pots and pans is a big deal, even if you are good with colour. If you aren’t a natural colourist, coming up with the right shades can seem like a total nightmare. And nobody is happy when, after much thought, the “right colour” is mixed incorrectly. That was the prompt for our recent discussion on kitchen colours.

Selecting and mixing paint colours for kitchens has come a long way

Fortunately, colour picking is a forte of Traditional Painter members. After painting so many kitchens, you cannot help but build up a mental database of colours that work together.

Traditional Painter for Kent, Emma Brown, used her experience to pull all the different colours in this kitchen together.
Traditional Painter for Kent, Emma Brown, used her experience to pull all the different colours in this kitchen together. Full story on the final paint colours for the kitchen cabinets

And even more fortunately, the standard of colour matching nowadays with specialist merchants is a marvel to behold. Failures are so few and far between, at least with our suppliers, that it is taken as read that the colour will always be spot on. So when it wasn’t, it was a major talking point for at least 10 minutes.

In fact, colour matching has reached a point where almost every painter in the land should be able to specify the right paint for the job in the colour the client wants. This is a big turnaround from 10 years ago. Back in the day it was not uncommon for the client to pick a colour from Brand X colour swatch and the painter had little option but to use the paint from Brand X. It was no fun and fraught with difficulties applying Brand X paints you weren’t happy with.

The exceptions to the ‘any paint colour you like’ rule are decreasing

There are a few paint companies with great paint who will only supply colours from their own swatches. Benjamin Moore are one such example. To be fair they have a huge paint colour range. Those Traditional Painter members who favour BM paint are upfront with clients, and offer close matches not identical matches to popular name tints.

A good time to be painting

With colour, it’s a good time to be painting. The colour has to be right for clients and paint has to be of a high standard for the painters who are putting their name and guarantee to a job. Many merchants and many paint manufacturers have risen to that simple challenge in recent years.

In other words, picking colours today should feel more like being in the candy store than the torture chamber.

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If you are wondering where to source excellent paints in any colour, check out independent merchants who have invested big time in colour matching and mixing machines. A few that come to mind are Holman Specialist Paints, Kent Blaxill, Ray Munn Paints and Interiors, Promain. Most paint is couriered these days, no bad thing in the current health crisis. Buy local if you can.

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