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Paint colour names do make a difference

Listed under Blog, colour advice Posted Apr 22 2012

Paint colour names aimed at men, who would have thought it made a difference to a colour choice? But it does.

Paint colours for women too

Before we get too down on the blokes, (or dismiss the video as a total spoof) I have seen and heard equally baffling colour name psychology with the opposite sex too. Ingrid of Lilou Interiors was discussing options as part of a paint colour consultation.

How does that shade of brown appeal, madam?

Oh, yes, I really love “Cappuccino”.

Do you like this particular orange?

It’s OK, but I like the sound of that name better.


For my first in-house collection, if he isn’t persuaded by Butterfly Scarlet, flip the swatch to Chainsaw Red! Incy Wincy to Splat! Mocha to Mud!

Any other suggestions most welcome (May be submitted to the Colour Police for psychological profiling purposes).

Thanks to tweeting colour consultant Jean Molesworth Kee of The Painted Room, for the initial video link. Out of curiosity, did Farrow and Ball USA rename French Gray to Liberty Gray?

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or print it out for reference. Thanks.

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3 comments to “Paint colour names do make a difference”

  1. Lucy Edwards

    This clip was great!
    So true – amazing how important a name is!!

  2. Traditional Painter

    Certainly is true, aren’t we such a simple species! The next generation of names to catch on and manipulate us will probably be Rooney Red, X Factor orange

  3. PaintyCait

    That is BRILLIANT – and so true.
    I have taken to referring to colours with food names because food appeals to both sexes. I have 3 in my stock favourites that normally are something like S0,05,77, so I had to give them nice names – Upper Mushroom, Lower Aubergine, Toasted Butternut….it works

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