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Owatrol offer a range of paint conditioners and specialist preparation and maintenance products for the decorating trade. Owatrol oil is at the core of many of their products, it is a secret ingredient! Across the board, their specialist products greatly improve the outcome of many painting and decorating projects whether you are trade or DIY. Read my review of Owatrol, Floetrol and E-B from a decorator’s point of view.


Owatrol (UK) are taking this opportunity to talk direct to professional decorators and keen DIY about their company and the products they are really proud of. Please take advantage of this platform to interact with an innovative and industry-leading business. Ask Owatrol questions about what you see and read here, and contribute any constructive comments about what they do well and what they could do better.

Owatrol UK: Company information

floetrol paint conditioner for water based paintOwatrol: In UK since 2010
Owatrol UK HQ: Watford, Hertfordshire
Owatrol website Home page
Owatrol UK contact: Gary or Ken Coniam
Tel: +44(0) 192 321 9122
Email: Owatrol

Owatrol on Owatrol

Our ethos is to provide high quality products and service that delivers solutions to Professional users. The Owatrol brand is built on reputation and one that has grown continuously, by ensuring that our products perform at the highest level and achieve outstanding results for the user time and time again.

Our core solutions are our Paint Additives & primers, specialist internal and external wood care, metal protection for both new and ageing metals. We operate in many markets including the Painting & Decorating Industry, Landscaping, Architectural, Marine, Wood Floor Maintenance, Automotive and many others.

We provide next day delivery to all our partners and end user clients alike, and have a wealth of technical knowledge and support available from our UK base. We are committed to supporting all entities in achieving the best results from their work and offer training, specification writing, on-site support and other services to ensure this happens.

Owatrol – 3 top products

Owatrol Oil

owatrol oil paint conditionerOwatrol Oil is a unique solution that has three elements in one. Not only is it an excellent paint conditioner for all solvent based paints, but it is also a wood care solution and metal protector as well! As a paint conditioner it is like no other. Added to any solvent based paint, it opens the wet edge to allow a smoother application which is perfect for cutting in. It removes brush and roller marks and when the weather is either extremely hot or cold, it allows the Professional to continue painting and not have to worry about the paint becoming sticky or runny. It is micro-porous which is why it is so beneficial to both internal and external timber and for rusted metal, it binds the rust particles whilst providing a protecting layer to the unoxygenated, clean metal beneath the rust.


floetrol paint conditioner for water based paintThis is quickly becoming the Professional Decorators best mate especially as the latest low VOC water-based paints are not performing as they used to. Added to a water-based gloss, Floetrol comes into its own by leaving a perfect finish without roller or brush marks. Like Owatrol Oil, it opens the wet edge of water-based paints allowing cutting in. Painting in extreme hot or cold conditions becomes a yes-yes rather than a no-no!

E-B (Emulsa Bond)

emulsa-bondA micro-porous bonding primer that can be added to any water-based paint. It is perfect for all porous surfaces including render, plaster, brick, wood. When E-B is added to paint, it draws the paint into the substrate and binds it there, so that it provides a lasting finish for many years. When used on external masonry, E-B mixed with any masonry paint will increase the flow by up to 25%, whilst bonding and sealing the surface, so no need for a separate sealant. When painting onto new plaster, by using E-B in the first coat only, you negate the need for a mist coat, as it will bind the paint. It also means that the next coat goes on much better, as it adheres to the E-B/Paint mix, and in many cases two coats is all you require to finish the job.


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Owatrol on TV

Below find more commercials and videos on Youtube produced by Owatrol and private individuals.

Owatrol video channel

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11 comments to “Owatrol”

  1. Mr, D Dymond

    Dear Sir
    Many years ago I was working on a site using paints in the winter on steelwork. Because the steelwork was always wet (this was nightwork outside on the railway) we used an additive which I believe was called something like stearine/yl amine which emulsified the micaceous iron oxide paint we were using. I’m wondering whether you produce a similar product. If you do, a price list would be helpful.
    Even better, perhaps you would send me a copy of your catalogue via e-mail.
    Thank you,
    Dave D.

  2. Karl Harrison

    Great Blog site, We use Owatrol products – have done for years.
    Our finest hour was on the HMS Belfast decking project when the iron oxide (on the ship) reacted with the tannic acid (in the timber and so we used Netrol to neutralise the reaction and now we have fine looking timber…

  3. Avatar photo Andy Crichton

    Hi Karl
    that sounds like a saver from Owatrol. If a product works in a marine environment it will be more than good for residential applications. HMS Belfast, no small task. do you have a case study we could see?

  4. Suzanne


    I’ve painted a coffee table and now want to put a clear gloss varnish on it, but in the past I’ve had horrible streaking problems. Should I mix the Owatrol oil paint with the polyurathene to ensure that I get a smooth, streak-free finish?


  5. Lee

    Hi, I am an artist and have been using Floetrol in all my acrylic flow paintings as a mixer with my paints. When I first started I had an old container of Floetrol in the shed and used it as a tester. The paintings came out beautifully with separation of all ajoining colours, they look a bit like a marbling affect. My problem is I have not been able to recreate that affect and my customers love it. I was thinking maybe the Floetrol separated, what would have went to the top or would the hot & cold temperatures in Australia have changed something. Would love your help. Lee

  6. timothy were

    Is standard Owatrol the same as Deks Olje 1? I have applied it to some of the deck wood on my boat and now wonder if I should have used the other product

  7. Donald McNab

    Thanks for a great site. I’m planning to repaint my melamine/MDF kitchen with Little Greene oil eggshell. Would it be best to use Owatrol ESP to prime both the melamine cupboard door backs, and Dulux cupboard paint on door fronts, before undercoating, or another sealant?
    Also you recommend adding Owatrol oil to the paint to ease fllow. What quantity should I use, and if added to the whole tin could it be kept safely for the time taken to paint – probably a couple of weeks, or should it just be added as I go?
    Lastly, what size brushes should I use for best results?
    Many thanks

  8. Avatar photo Andy Crichton

    Hi Donald, ESP is for shiny (laminate) surfaces. On any previously painted surfaces, clean down and degrease and sand. After you have thoroughly vacuumed the area and wiped everything down with tack rags, all surfaces are now ready for painting with oil eggshell or as you wish.

    Owatrol should really be added as you go along, purely on practical/cost grounds. My approach with oil eggshell would be to decant enough for 30 minutes work, add Owatrol a little bit at a time till you have it flowing right, up to 10%.

    Several members are working with the new Paint Flow Control which is like a bain marie that makes the paint flow without the need for additives. It is quite an investment. We will report back.

    For more than an overview, search for “sanding” “cleaning” and other keywords to fill in the gaps. You are welcome to join the forum if you have more questions

  9. c montague

    Is owatrol E-b moisture vapour permeable?

  10. izabela

    We have 40m2 decking which we would like to treat with Owatrol oil.
    Could you advise me what products we need to use to prepare the decking for oil or can we just jet wash it only?
    The wood has been pressure washed already and looks like bare clean wood, but it is Verda decking wood , which in the small sheltered area still retains its original coating. Do we need to use aquanett and net-trol before applying oil? Thank you.

  11. izabela

    And should we use Textrol or Textrol Hes?

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