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Outstanding Interior decorating blogs

Listed under Blog, Painting Posted May 11 2011

There are millions of blogs with gazillions of articles related to decorating the home, tips and tricks and insights. These are a few that really taught me a thing or two. Several posts and blogs I refer to regularly. Well worth bookmarking.

Plush Painting blog posts reflect, dare I say, decades of old school and updated painting and decorating experience. I particularly recommend Colin’s series of posts about Painting kitchen cabinets but to be honest, all his posts have something insightful to say.

Spraying? Confused? This post cuts through the fog about gun choice. Hvlp vs Conventional Spray Guns / Hvlp vs Air Assisted Airless / Turbine, LVLP, RP I have taken a shine to spray painting recently. Spraying as a discipline is a whole life time study in itself and a minefield really. I am not that technically wired, but you need to have a good understanding of some tech to choose the right gun with the right tip for the right material for each job. This post enlightened me.

Rob at Colour Republic in Brighton is a classy decorator and amongst other things, has a really good handle on where when and why to use lining paper. His blog could save you a lot of time and money and inconvenience.

Painters Pitstop isn’t a blog, but this forum is loaded with info and some extensive postings about materials, equipment and how-to’s. In particular, I look out for the weighty wise words of David Agnew, decorator in Buckinghamshire, who by all accounts is developing a website of his own. One to bookmark.

As far as I am concerned, if you want to read up on how to paint walls and ceilings and use water-based paint systems in the most efficient and high class way, the definitive painting blog is by Jack Pauhl. Great photos, videos, and clear concise information on kit, materials and systems at the end of every click and link on his site. He says, painting is the least of what he does.

At the other extreme, historical paint specialist Patrick Baty has more than enough knowledge to fill a couple of blogs and then some. In terms of academic precision, Patrick is head and shoulders above any paint specialist I have come across. And what I find particularly impressive is his willingness to snub “traditional” paints if he thinks a modern contract matt paint will do the same / better job.

On Wall is the blogging department of Cover Your Wall who supply the MAV Erfurt lining papers. Again, you’d think, how much is there to know about lining paper? but then, when the experts start explaining things, a new world opens up. All photos taken with an iPhone.

Interior designer and tweeter extraordinaire, Francoise Murat oozes energy and style, and in my opinion, she has written one of the best (practical) posts about the whys and wherefores of eco, green organic paint selection. What an undertaking to come up with the final spec for the job in question!

I know I am missing loads of blogs, so watch this space for an addendum post.

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    Absolutely honoured to be on your list, especially in the company of some fine professionals!

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