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Mythic primer over oil-based paint

Listed under Blog, Eco, paint Posted Jul 09 2011

Update to Mythic primer over oil-based paint : Mythic no longer in UK. I put together a fairly detailed explanation of how we used Mythic eco paints to redecorate the exterior woodwork on an older property. Waterbased primer over oil-based gloss, how would that work out?!

The Mythic water-based primer is very high adhesion, comparable I think to Zinsser Coverstain oil based primer over oil painted surfaces, and I would argue superior to anything I have used on bare MDF or poplar for sticking to edges.

Coverage is superb, and drying times are quick. It can be tinted to match top coats. Although it can be overcoated in 4 hours, latex benefits from cure time, and I tend to leave the first coat of primer to dry overnight.

Just to clarify how you can expect the primer to behave under sanding… the left side is one coat over black, dings filled with Toupret TX110 and sanded thoroughly with Abranet 180 grade. (We used a manual sanding block on flat areas, loose on mouldings.)

Mythic primer over oil-based paint

This is ready for second fill and/or second coat of primer.


When testing for adhesion, it is tempting to scratch primer as soon as it has dried to see just how good it is. Wrong! Industry favourites like Zinsser BIN, Coverstain et al over glossy surfaces all “fail” if you do this. Mythic, the same. But as it is a latex paint, it takes several days to cure, and in my experience, if left alone to do its thing, after a week, the primer is on to stay.

Flash free zone

Mythic primer over Toupret fillers, you do not see any filler flashing through finish coats. (This is a bit misleading, as Toupret doesnt seem to flash through anyone’s paint!)


You can buy plenty of primers for less than £10 / litre – and there are others up to £20 and more. But I don’t really see material cost as a hindrance or an arm twister in product choice for several reasons, but mainly – labour costs are the real deal breaker these days.

If performance, speed of application, ease of use and suitability for a task makes my life easier / more efficient, then I will buy the “expensive” primer over the cheaper one, knowing that the overall job will be top notch, drama free and on budget.

Why not Little Greene?

On this job I had to choose paint based on performance, ease of use, eco credentials, finish and colours. Little Greene were almost there, but, Mythic delivered on all counts – any colour in any finish on any surface. Mythic’s semi-gloss really is a classy and practical choice for this exterior compared to (Little Greene) eggshell or gloss.

And look into it, and not too many paint companies can provide in-house, both the high performance primers and a semi gloss finish with no toxins, no VOC, no VOC colourants, no odour…

We are happy with Mythic on this exterior project, but if we need a high gloss on everything on the next exterior job, or we require a traditional yet high spec result on the interior, Little Greene will deliver ahead of Mythic. Win-win.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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