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Barrie Thompson hand-painted kitchens London and Tikkurila paint

Listed under Barrie Thompson, Blog, hand-painted kitchen, Holman Specialist Paints, tikkurila Posted Jul 24 2017

Barrie Thompson is a master kitchen painter. For many years he has hand-painted kitchens from London to Hertfordshire to the Cotswolds, using Tikkurila paint.

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Updated 2023

Tikkurila paint is, in my opinion, the best waterborne paint available for painting kitchen cabinets. But if you’re used to solvent based products, it takes time to master.

Tikkurila paint on kitchens painted in London

See Barries case study on hand painting a piano in London Hand Painted Piano in London using Tikkurila paint.

Brief history of Tikkurila

Tikkurila adopted and developed water-borne paint technology in 1953.

In 1997 they released their first eco labelled paint product, The Joker! This water-based wall paint is still good today. It came out way before EU eco regulations forced the hands of most paint companies.

Feelings Furniture paint was superceded a few years ago by Helmi 10 (10% Matt) Helmi 30 (30% satin sheen) and Helmi 80 (high gloss). This water-borne acrylate enamel is the first choice for many kitchen companies and painting specialists.

Tikkurila specifications to hand paint wooden kitchen doors, laminate panels and previously painted surfaces.

Barrie paints new poplar / MDF kitchens. He also refurbishes existing wooden kitchens that may have been clear lacquered, varnished or painted. The basecoat is the key, and he uses the Otex system most of the time.

For a perfect finish on kitchen units, regardless of substrate, consider Otex solvent base adhesion primer. Complete with Tikkurila Helmi (formerly Feelings) undercoat and Tikkurila Helmi topcoat. Or for full oil-base no-nonsense systems, apply 2 coats of Tikkurila Empire enamel over Otex.

Otex primer for Tikkurila Helmi Furniture paint

Otex is a solvent-based high adhesion primer. It has similar properties to the high performance oil and shellac based primers from Zinsser and company, except it is tried and tested specifically for Tikkurila topcoats.

Akva Otex is water-based version of Otex oil paint. For a high adhesion basecoat on old lacquer or previously painted surfaces, it is proving excellent. However Akva will not stop stains bleeding through.

You have to adapt to the occasional curve ball if a surface isn’t as solid as you would like. The Finns have several paint systems that just work.

For alternative troublesome substrates consider shellac-based Pegaprim Isofix primer undercoat. Pegaprim Express is a water-based version. Topped off with Tikkurila Helmi top coat, the systems are superb.

Tikkurila paint for general decorating too

As well as specialist kitchen painting of cabinets, Mark sometimes decorates the kitchen too. There are times when a different approach is required for woodwork on skirtings, windows and doors.

Tikkurila Ultra Classic, the failsafe finish without the need for a primer undercoat. If it works on garden fencing ( which it does very well indeed ) it is a dead certainty on indoor wood as the perfect foundation for the inimitable Tikkurila top coat finish. It is perfect for when time is of the essence and the surface is unpredictable eg. sawn wood surfaces butting against primed surfaces.

Barrie will use Tikkurila Ultra Classic for general woodwork where a satin finish is required. It particularly comes into its own over bare or previously painted architraves and skirting boards. As a self-priming finish, it will adhere and cover exceptionally well without a basecoat. It can be colour matched exactly to Helmi furniture paint, but doesn’t have the same sheen as the Helmi furniture paint. Therefore it will have a slightly different “look” to Helmi. Also, from Barries point of view, Ultra Classic is not quite there as a finish for cabinets.

If you read through case studies on this site, invariably you will see Tikkurila paint mentioned and explained. The furniture paint was ahead of the curve for so many years. It is still hard to beat, even now that the big brands have finally got their act together with reliable “modern” water-borne paint formulations. Definitely still a favourite at Traditional Painter.

Holman Paints in Swindon are a good point of call for products and advice. The paint is also available direct from Tikkurila UK.

Tel: 07989 02 52 12 enquiries@traditionalpainter.com

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